11 best MagSafe accessories of 2021



When the iPhone 12 was revealed, the tech world was stunned to see the redesign Apple brought to the model: flat sides and square edges, like the iPhone 4, if you were old enough to go. owning one in 2010. Naturally, some people were a little cynical at first, as this redesign made it seem like Apple was running out of creative ideas for an iPhone makeover. But the introduction of MagSafe on iPhone 12 proved them wrong. Hey, looks matter a lot, but damn it, MagSafe really brought in the personality.

MagSafe is the magnetic connector system on the back of the iPhone which is mainly used for wireless charging; it allows you to attach MagSafe compatible peripheral accessories, such as charging cords, to the back of your iPhone. The mass of the magnets is actually so sturdy that you can stack these accessories on top of each other for uses other than wireless charging. For this reason, it didn’t take long for geeks to invent a plethora of gadgets that harness the full potential of MagSafe to provide iPhone owners with a more seamless and personalized user experience, thanks to magnets. And now the world of Mag-cessories is a melting pot of iPhone cases, card holders, mounts, clips, mounts and, of course, chargers.

So if you are looking to get the most out of MagSafe on your iPhone 12 or 13, and you really should; Apple probably spent billions of dollars to invent it. We’ve rounded up the best MagSafe accessories that cover a full set of needs and upgrades. It all depends on how you want to integrate MagSafe into your iPhone time. Just thinking about convenient wireless charging? That’s great, but feel free to get a little creative.

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MagSafe charger


Obviously, Apple’s exclusive MagSafe charger is the first Mag-cessory you would think of buying. This wireless charger can charge iPhone models as well as your AirPods up to 15 watts, the fastest speed available for Apple devices. Just plug it into a power outlet – nothing is completely wireless, as you can see – then snap the magnetic charger into the back of your iPhone 13 or 12 and wait for that irritating low battery warning to go away. It also comes with a duo option designed to charge an Apple Watch as well.

MagSafe Battery

The Apple MagSafe battery is like an iPhone symbiote. It’s magnetically attached to the back of your device so it can be powered on while on the go. Or, you can do it the traditional way and plug the battery into a power source for faster charging while it’s connected to your device. For iPhone users who are actually diligent enough to maintain the battery percentage, the pack can be a good way to ensure iPhones never drop below 50%.

Best MagSafe accessory for charging

Magnetic wireless portable charger

This portable wireless power bank is a more affordable option than Apple’s own battery. You can choose the instant route to fill your iPhone’s battery bar via a MagSafe compatible case. And if you have multiple non-Apple, non-MagSafe devices like headphones, tablets, or smartphones, this portable charger will do that for them as well with its USB-C input and output. Magnetic portable charging is nice and all that, but we should never take the old school charging via cables for granted.


Mobile Game Clip for MagSafe

Playing mobile games on iPhone, especially action and RPG, can be quite annoying. For those with slightly more muscular fingers than average, pressing the buttons on the touchscreen requires a Fruit Ninja– level of precision. Fortunately, Otterbox’s MagSafe Game Clip can turn iPhones into mobile gaming systems. Just attach your iPhone to the Xbox controller and you’ll have much more precise control over your iOS game, just like playing on a console.

PopWallet + for MagSafe

Your phone and your credit cards are definitely at the top of your most important things list, which is why wallet cases have become a favorite for iPhone owners who want to protect both simultaneously. But if you think a wallet case is just too daddy for your liking – you need to protect your image – then get yourself a MagSafe compatible case and put this PopGrip PopWallet gadget on its back. Not only will you have a lot more comfort holding your phone, it’s also a stylish way to protect it and up to three credit cards in total.


Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe

Driving using Google Maps on your iPhone mounted on a mount on your dashboard is nice and smooth, until all of the mount drops to the ground when you’re about to check if you need to go straight or exit. The Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Phone Holder, on the other hand, will hold your phone in place through any bumps and bends. And that doesn’t prevent any AC from coming out. And you can get a MagSafe case for your iPhone to work with.

MagSafe mounting bracket

To get the most out of charging your iPhone 12 or 13 via MagSafe, consider adding Nomad’s MagSafe mounting bracket for a comfortable and convenient charging experience that doesn’t require you to stare at your phone and risk yourself. hurt the neck. Just plug the Apple MagSafe charger into the open circle and place your phone on the cradle. The stand is also polished enough to live on your computer desk or nightstand.


MagArm Cell Phone Holder

Switching between the iPhone in your hand and the laptop on your desk often takes away your productivity, especially when your iPhone just received a Twitter update that you’re dying to check out while trying to complete a work task. on the biggest screen. MagArm is the cell phone holder for laptops that solves this problem by placing your iPhone in the same viewing landscape as your laptop, so you won’t have to physically give up on each other. It makes video calling while working and watching Netflix while working a lot more convenient too.

Magnetic clip-on holder and MagSafe wallet

An iPhone wallet accessory that can also be maneuvered, origami style, into an iPhone holder for easier viewing angles seems so innovative. It probably comes from the minds of some creative geniuses who really enjoy the mix-and-match lifestyle. This slim, slim and streamlined wallet holder just might be what you need to lose pocket clutter and at the same time have a lot more time browsing your iPhone vertically or horizontally.

Best MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case

Silicone case with MagSafe for iPhone 12


These days it’s all about minimalism, and when it comes to iPhone cases, less is more, less is better. Not only does Apple’s silicone case bring the functional potential of MagSafe to the fore, it’s also available in 15 different colors for lovers of monotone. And really, there is no need to be extra with an iPhone case. While it’s quite expensive for a no-frills case, what can we expect from Apple?

Best MagSafe accessory for charging multiple devices

3-in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe


Belkin’s Multi-Device Wireless Charging Station really screams “get out” for charging via cables, and it has a point. Simultaneously charging iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch on a docking station that looks like an alien device from the future is expected of any iPhone user who likes to flaunt. And if you don’t have an Apple Watch and just need to charge your iPhone and AirPods every day, there’s a two-in-one option for your little Apple ecosystem.

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