15 animated activities for middle school


Whether you’re homeschooling, teaching a Japanese unit with students, or running an anime club for tweens, spice up the lessons with anime activities for middle schoolers. We’ve compiled 15 lively activities for middle schoolers that include more than your average ideas. Crafts, cooking recipes, drawing activities, and games are all sure to help anime clubs survive, keep a physical and digital classroom lesson engaging, or just provide a fun day for students. .

1. Draw anime “Basic Anatomy”

For students who like to draw, a tutorial on how to draw the basic anatomy of an anime character will give them a good foundation for customizing it into any character. Use an image of their favorite character to give them a reference to complete the cartoon.

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2. Beginner Japanese Calligraphy

In this easy to follow video, students will learn how to start writing Japanese calligraphy. Additionally, students can listen to instructions in Japanese followed immediately by an English translation, which is a bonus for those learning the language.

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3. Temporary Tattoos

My middle schooler comes home almost every day with “tattoos” they and their friends have drawn on themselves, so designing your own temporary tattoos is a great idea for lively middle school club activities. Provide instructions and small anime tattoo ideas, and let the students take care of it!

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4. Origami Tea Bag Favors

During the holidays, middle schoolers will love making animated gifts for friends and family. Origami tea bags are quick and easy to make and can be easily personalized for a personalized gift.

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5. Otedama

In Japan, grandmothers make small bean bags, called Otedama, used for juggling and other games for their grandchildren, similar to hacky sacks. Give college kids fabric printed with their favorite anime characters!

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6. Easy Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a must-do animated activity, as they play an important role in learning about Japanese people and culture. Plus, these are easy enough to create while watching an animated movie to give more active middle schoolers something to keep their hands occupied.

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7. Top Origami for Beginners

Of course, no anime club would be complete without the ultimate origami activity! The Spruce Crafts includes easy yet popular origami instructions that are perfect for beginners, including the traditional crane, modular cube box, tissue box, and more.

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8. Cherry Blossom Art

Have students bring their empty soda bottles while you provide the paint for an easy way to create cherry blossoms! Alpha Mom’s instructions are very easy to follow, so it’s a great craft for a college student who doesn’t feel like a creative person.

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9. Mini Stocking Ornaments/Gift Holders

These easy felt crafts are a great Christmas anime activity. College students will enjoy personalizing their mini stockings with their favorite cartoon. These are easy enough for students to create multiple gifts.

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10. Simple Mochi Recipe

With only a microwave needed, this mochi recipe can be easily completed by middle schoolers in your class. Plus, mochi is a delicious traditional Japanese sweet to eat while watching a cartoon!

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11. 10 Japanese recipes to create IRL from anime

Although many of these Japanese meal recipes can be difficult to create in a classroom setting, the first two only require a rice cooker or electric kettle. This is a great resource that students can use at home to prepare meals in advance for the club.

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12. Fushi – Fun Fake Sushi

Sure to be an engaging activity, candy making during anime hour is both fun and tasty! Nothing But Country gives easy instructions on how to create realistic candy sushi using popular candies, including Rice Krispy candies, Swedish fish, fruit roll-ups, and more.

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13. Fun manga club games

What better way to find good anime activities for college than to take those from a manga club? Book Riot has fun activities for anime lessons, like an easy-to-customize dice game and a “guess this manga” game you can make for anime movies instead.

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14. Cosplay Contest

Many college kids love cosplay, so why not have a cosplay contest? This is a great club activity because it’s more fun with a large group of students that you can divide into groups and assign each a different anime.

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15. Public Library Club Ideas

The Mooresville Public Library Manga/Anime Club has some amazing activity ideas along with photos of club members’ completed projects. From duct tape guns to paper umbrellas, there are plenty of lively activities for middle schoolers.

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