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Putting money in an envelope instead of buying a gift often gets bad press.

But let’s face it: who couldn’t use a little extra cash? You have never heard of anyone trying to return a gift for cash because it was not the right size or did not suit their taste.

And giving money doesn’t have to be impersonal or boring if you use any of these fun gift ideas.

19 creative silver gift ideas

Stop stressing about gifts during the holidays or other special occasions. Give what everyone is sure to love: cash!

1. Everything in box

Mimic the look of a traditional gift by putting money in a box, covering it with wrapping paper, and completing it with a bow. A small box, like the kind of jewelry that comes in, works perfectly. But if you want to show some humor, put the money in a small box and put this box in a medium sized box and put this box in a bigger one. All unboxing will be like opening nesting dolls, but with a monetary reward at the end.

2. Origami silver

Turn dollar bills into hearts, butterflies or cranes with clever folding techniques. With origami, you can turn paper money into as many different objects or designs. Spruce Crafts actions nine origami projects so you can turn dollars into creative gift ideas. You can use banknotes of any denomination.

3. Silver photo book

Turn a small photo album into a creative cash gift by slipping dollar bills through slots on each page instead of photos. You can choose to include prompts, such as “treat yourself to something sweet” or “pick a fun nail polish color”.

4. Framed silver

Put a dollar bill (ideally a $ 20 or more bill) in a photo frame with instructions for “breaking in an emergency”. Nobody says the emergency can’t be a new pair of shoes!

5. Money in a pizza box

Special delivery! Serve real dough by layering dollar bills in a circle to look like slices of pizza. To make this cash gift idea come true, purchase an empty pizza box from Amazon or a restaurant supply store.

6. Money in a candy box

Another cash gift idea is to put different dollar bills in an empty box of assorted chocolates, folding or arranging each bill in a unique way. The recipients of your gifts can use the money to “treat” themselves to something nice.

7. Money cake

Similar to a diaper cake given to expectant parents at a baby shower, a silver cake is formed by rolling dollar bills into cylinders, then arranging them vertically to form a circle, stacking one more small circle of dollars rolled up on top to create what looks like a tiered cake. This fun gift idea is great for birthdays, but can also be used as a way to give cash on other special occasions.

8. Silver roll

Gift recipients will have fun with this silver gift idea. To create a roll of money, lay out a row of dollar bills and glue them end to end. Glue the first of the connected bills onto an empty toilet paper roll and roll the money up.

9. Silver Lei

Making a necklace with dollar bills is definitely a creative way to give money. Inspired by the Hawaiian lei, a silver lei is a necklace made of dollar bills shaped like flowers. This Classy Cheapskate YouTube Video shows you how to make one.

10. Silver crown

This silver gift idea is very festive for the holiday season. You can make a mini silver wreath to give to someone on your Christmas wish list. This project requires $ 15 bills, but you can mix and match different denominations of bills if you want. look this video from NProkuda Origami for the steps to make one.

11. Money tree

Another creative way to donate money during the holidays is to fold a dollar bill like a Christmas tree. This curbly tutorial shows you how to do it in just eight steps.

12. Silver bouquet

Everyone loves to receive a bouquet of flowers. Make your bouquet even more special by creating flowers from dollar bills. This Stanford Federal Credit Union tutorial video shows you how to use four dollar bills per flower. To complete the bouquet, add artificial stems and leaves, which you can buy at a craft store.

13. Money Notepad

Amaze your loved ones by creating a notepad with money. This is a fun gift idea for kids or teens – just be sure to tell them the notepad is made from real dollar bills, not fake ones they can write on! What Mommy Does blog gives step by step instructions for how to make a money notepad. All you’ll need is a stack of crispy dollar bills, a piece of cardboard, a letter opener or scissors, two small bookbinding clips, upholstery tape, and a glue brush.

14. Money in a balloon

Putting dollar bills in a balloon is a fun money giving idea. To do this, roll up a dollar bill and stuff it into a deflated latex balloon. You can also add confetti if you want. Then inflate the balloon, preferably using a hand pump instead of your mouth. Tie the balloon closed and give it to your recipient with the popping instructions for a nice surprise.

15. Piggy bank with a cash gift

A piggy bank is an excellent personal finance gift for kids – but don’t leave them with a starting balance of $ 0. Add bills and coins to the bank before packing it and encourage them to make a habit of saving money.

16. Treasure hunt

Send your loved one on a treasure hunt with a real treasure: money! – wait for them at the end. Search Google for scavenger hunt clue ideas if you can’t find yours.

17. Pay an invoice

It is a silver gift idea that will certainly be greatly appreciated. If you have the account information for the invoice, you might be surprised to pay it. It is a good idea for a romantic partner, roommate, adult child or parent. However, you can also send a note inside a card promising to pay a specific upcoming invoice as a gift – and pass the money on to the gift recipient once they tell you the amount.

18. Contribute to a plan 529

Make college more affordable for a special child in your life by contributing financially to their 529 education savings plan. The child does not have to be dependent on you for you to add money to their account. This would make a lovely gift for a grandchild, niece, nephew, or a friend’s child – as well as your own.

19. Gift card

We couldn’t end this list without mentioning one of the more traditional ways to give someone money – a gift card. Select gift cards from the favorite stores of your loved ones. Many retailers offer gift cards with special designs for holidays or other occasions.

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