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You don’t always have to search for the perfect gift, a birthday card can go a long way in showing someone how much you love them, especially when you take the time to DIY a beautiful keepsake. Making a birthday card is also a fun and easy creative project that the whole family can participate in. There are endless ways to personalize it, from watercolors your own stationery to using washi tape on plain card stock. Better yet than wowing your loved one with your amazing talents and skills, these homemade cards will cost next to nothing. Many can be made with supplies you already have in your craft room.

Do you think you’re not smart? Do not be afraid. We have ideas that can be mastered by budding artists of all ages, skill levels, and time constraints. You can take marbling paper or squeeze flowers, or making a handmade birthday card is the perfect excuse to learn something new, and we’ve included a fantastic tutorial for both! You can embrace new art forms with paints and glitter. In fact, you can become so adept at making birthday cards that you will feel compelled to accept DIY Christmas cards and even homemade Valentine’s Day cards. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Watch your back, Hallmark!


DIY Stationary Marbled Birthday Card

Did you know that you can create a “marbled” effect on paper by using a combo of shaving cream and food coloring? You can!

Get the tutorial on Honestly, the DIY of WTF.


Hand drawn DIY birthday card

All you need are markers, watercolor paper, and cute calligraphy for that adorable birthday keepsake.

Get the tutorial on DoodleCraft.


DIY Birthday Scroll

This cute and ingenious parchment idea is a funky and stylish way to present the birthday girl or boy with a long, thoughtful list of all the things you love about them.

Get the tutorial on Paper and point.


DIY Hand Painted Birthday Card Envelopes

These envelopes are so pretty they never see the inside of a trash can.

Get the tutorial on Paper and point.


DIY Pop-Up Crafty Brithday Card

You will be surprised how easy it is to create this fun card. And I think we can all agree that everyone loves glitter.

Get the tutorial on Charming indeed.


Happy birthday cake coloring birthday card

Need a great way to keep the kids entertained and get a birthday card? Done and done.


DIY birthday card

You will be shocked at how cheap and easy this craft is, and as a bonus! You will have a jar full of vermicelli that you can give as a gift.

Get the tutorial on DIY workshop.


DIY Pressed Flower Birthday Card

Take a fresh take on a birthday card by creating something to frame with pretty pressed flowers.

Get the tutorial on BLDG Blog Tutorial 25.


Washi Tape DIY Birthday Card

There is so much you can accomplish with inexpensive and colorful Washi tape! When you apply your duct tape and your creativity, it will be a birthday card that will stay with the ages.

Get the tutorial on A step in the journey.


Washi Tape Cake DIY Birthday Card

Only a real birthday cake would be sweeter than this card adorned with Washi tape to look like a pastry on a cake stand.

Get the tutorial on Omiyage Blogs.


Washi Tape Script DIY Birthday Card

Show the birthday girl you have a knack for “writing” with a scripted Washi Tape card.

Get the tutorial on Omiyage Blogs.


DIY Pom Pom Ice Cream Birthday Card

All you need is a little string to make this cute pom pom ice cream cone card. Check out the tutorial below and you can even get the printable backgrounds to get that exact look.

Get the tutorial on Mom Dream Blog.


DIY Embroidered Birthday Card

“I don’t sew,” you say. “No problem,” we say. You can always remove these cards!

Get the tutorial on Joyfully craft.


Collage DIY Birthday Card

Let them enjoy a cake without all those pesky calories with this super cute, handmade birthday card.

Get the tutorial on Créa Bea Cards.


DIY Garland Birthday Card

Bring out the little flags for a coat-worthy feeling.

Get the tutorial on Créa Bea Cards.


DIY Cupcake Birthday Card

This cute cupcake card is made with a real cupcake liner!

Get the tutorial on DIY candies.


Cake Pop DIY Out Birthday Card

A 3D cake with nuggets that comes with no mousse, no fuss and no calories? Subscribe us all.

Get the tutorial on Ted Art Red.


DIY Gold Foil Birthday Card

Give some sparkle to the special someone who regularly adds sparkle to your life.

Get the tutorial on PS I did that.


Balloon String DIY Birthday Card

Do lovers of curly ropes unite! This loud balloon card is sure to elevate any occasion.

Get the tutorial on Jennifer McGuire Ink.

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