22 best paper Christmas decorations in 2021


The easiest way to cut your vacation spending? DIY your decor, of course, and it’s especially economical when the decor is made from relatively inexpensive materials. Enter the paper Christmas decorations, a Christmas miracle if ever there is one. We’ve rounded up many inspiring examples that are just as festive as other holiday decorations, but a lot more affordable and disjointed (literally, use those scraps of wrapping paper). You can easily build them yourself. Read on for instructions and ideas on how to decorate hallways in a clever way.


Retro paper ornaments

These retro paper ornaments from Lia Griffith are almost as good as those in vintage glass. Plus, they’re super easy to prepare. All you need is some colored paper, thread, and glue. Bonus: they won’t break if they fall from your tree!


Black paper tablecloth

Ditch a tough tablecloth and use black butcher paper instead. This way you can channel your inner artist and paint or draw over decorative details and place cards. Plus, it makes cleaning up after a holiday dinner much easier.


False leaf garland

Add some greenery to your table with a string of DIY paper sheets. Then give it the full Christmas treat with red berries sprinkled all over the place.


Upgrade the wrapping paper

Christmas paper decorations don’t have to involve complicated instructions and a fondness for crafts. It can be as easy as upgrading your wrapping paper. Coordinate your gift wrap to complement your living room color scheme and use the same techniques for your adornments for a cohesive whole.


DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

Not only is this super colorful strand of fairy lights a wonderful wall (or tree!) Decor, but it’s also a nifty Advent calendar filled with goodies. Get the tutorial on The house that Lars built.


DIY origami paper Christmas trees

These origami trees of Bird festival might be the cutest Christmas paper decor we’ve ever seen. Use bold graphic patterns, but stick to a monochrome with metallic statements for a more modern diffusion.


Accordion trees

Emily henderson You got these more rounded and softer paper Christmas trees from West Elm, but you can try a DIY version as well. Here is a tutorial from Ruffled.


Paper Candle Christmas Tree Ornaments

Make paper candles to hang on your tree. Much better than hanging real candles … because the real deal would be a fire hazard for sure. Learn how to make them from The house that Lars built.


DIY Garland on Paper Pendant

Buy paper lanterns, then embellish them with faux flowers and sparkling lights. They are so pretty that you will want to leave them on all year round. Get the tutorial on eHow.


Bark Effect Leaves

Paint construction paper to look like bark or print a high-resolution image of tree bark, then cut your paper into leaf shapes. String them up with solid white leaves, metal stars, and sparkling lights for a holiday display that doesn’t follow the traditional red and green color scheme.


Outdoor porch decor

For something extra festive, consider DIY oversized felt Christmas lights, like the ones from Sugar & Charm. Or use construction paper and cardboard if you have any of these lying around. If your door is painted a bright color, pair some of the “lights” with it, while keeping the others on the Christmas theme.


Origami Nordic Paper Star Ornaments

If you are good at origami, get inspired with these white paper origami star ornaments from JoyfulArray on Etsy. They are so chic! And if you are not sure about your origami abilities, you can always buy a few.


Make a garland of bells

String red and white paper bells with fishing line along your coat for a bright, festive, and airy display in the hallway. Red and white are the perfect color scheme for a candy cane theme (bonus points if you add a touch of green with a side chair).


DIY paper house Christmas decoration

Yep, gingerbread houses are great and all (listen, they’re edible!), But these mini paper houses from Lia Griffith are best suited for your tree.


Spice up a garland

Take construction paper in fun and vibrant colors, then cut out shapes (here, little triangles that look like trees). Then glue these shapes together and hang them on your garland to give it a fresh and personal touch.


Hang snowflakes above

Hang white paper lanterns or DIY snowflakes from the ceiling above your holiday dinner table. For a complete winter wonderland vibe, stick to an all-white look with a bit of fresh greenery dotted around.


Mini cornucopia ornament

For this ornament, all you need to do is make a paper cone, tie a string to it, and fill it with some festive faux accents, like leaves and berries. Get the tutorial on Good Housekeeping.


DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Who even needs lights and ornaments with such a colorful tree? It is perfect for apartment dwellers or as an office decor while on vacation. Get the tutorial on Sugar and Fabric.


Metallic paper holly and mistletoe wreath

Finally, a wreath that you won’t have to throw away at the end of the season. And it is an excellent craft for the end of the year celebrations or to occupy the children. Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.


Reuse coffee filters

You can really use anything to make pretty Christmas decorations if you think about it, including this garland made of crumpled coffee filters! If you don’t have any lying around, tissue paper is a great exchange.


Colorful fairy lights

These fairy lights light up an entire room, even if they are just paper. Playful, colorful and without any risk of fire. Get the tutorial on DIY workshop.


Scrap paper ornament

Once you’ve finished wrapping your gifts, put your leftover gift wrapping to good use. All you need is a simple ornament, Mod Podge, and a few little ribbons to tie it all together. You can get the full tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.

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