22 Creative Money Gift Ideas For Personal Ways To Give Money


These fun and easy gift ideas are creative ways to give money away as a personalized and heartfelt gift. There are people on your gift list that are hard to buy from and these great ways to give money make it easy for you.

Simple and creative ways to donate money

These are really unique ways to give a child what he needs. really want, while wrapping it in a way that will make them smile!

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Snow globe gift card – Who doesn’t like gift cards ?! Glam it up by creating a snow globe around your card, with this idea of All things G&D and The creative mom.

Floating funds – This idea of Sugar and charm is so cool! To fill clear balloons with confetti and a few rolled up bills.

Cash bulb – Give a child a fake light bulb filled with banknotes, with his unique idea of Good housekeeping. Half the fun is they’ll need tweezers to pull them out!

Dollar tie – Fold dollar bills to make a tie, with this cool idea of My weekly inspiration! Your child will think he is going to buy a new shirt and laugh when he sees that the tie is made of silver.

Emergency cash gift – This DIY piggy bank (filled to the brim with starting cash) of The nifty blog tracker is the perfect farewell for a new student!

Pizza money – This adorable idea of Hate is seriously a necessity of dorm life, haha! All you need is a cleaning pizza box, and some money!

Unique ways to donate money for graduation

Money block – Tear off sheets of (real) silver, with this cool tutorial from Instructables alive! Make one yourself by gluing the ends of a new stack of dollar bills together with rubber cement.

Balloons! – A box of balloons will surprise your children. Love this idea of DIY workshop! Roll up a bill and place it in each balloon, along with a note. Fill them with helium and mail them!

Superhero Banks – Give your kids money and a chance to learn how to save money with a mason jar bank, with this idea of Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Backup of the Shadow Box image bank – Give your kids an event – and help them learn how to save for it! This idea of A mom’s point of view is perfect for gifts you can’t afford yet.

Silver Lei – This DIY idea of One hundred dollars per month is especially perfect for the graduate taking a gap year or traveling before college begins!

Slot machine – Okay, so this one isn’t so much a DIY as a “buy”, but who couldn’t use one ?!

22 creative gift ideas for graduates

Hide it and surprise them with money!

Candy pieces – Give your kids a day at the arcades or state fair, as well as a roll of quarters so they can enjoy the games with this awesome idea of Martha stewart!

Star origami – Put a creative touch on the silver itself and origami it in a star shape with this festive tutorial from Little Miss Celebration.

Candy * Money * Jar! – Check out this cool tutorial from Idaho Inking… Your kids will * think * they’re getting a jar of candy, and what kid doesn’t want a jar of candy? But they will find that there is actually a wad of money in there!

Money grows on trees – Make a money tree for an all-holiday tween, or a sweet graduation gift, with this cool idea from Then she did! You can include it in an oversized card to be a bit more discreet.

22 creative gift ideas for graduates

Cool ways to give money to graduates

DIY Surprise Silver Confetti Popper – This tutorial from DIY workshop is so fun! When your child bursts the confetti, he will have a bonus surprise!

Box of chocolates “ – This funny idea of Mom’s life make children believe that they are receiving a box of chocolates. But they don’t know that there is actually money inside!

Sticky way – Anyway, how many children read the whole map? This idea of imgur is a fun way to make them laugh (and give them what they really want).

pink silver – This adorable tutorial from Felt magnet teaches you how to make your own rose using invoices. The adorable folding makes a sweet and creative gift!

It pays to soap up! – Follow this tutorial from Rustic Escentuals Craft Library and learn how to fold a banknote into a fun shape with origami, then pour translucent soap on the banknotes and let it harden. Your children will be paid to wash their hands.

Christmas Stocking / Small Gift – This idea of Savon Deli News is another version of the silver soap, above. Make these DIY melted soaps with silver in the middle! Then, while your children are washing, they are using the soap and the money will become available.

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What was your favorite silver gift idea? Do you have any creative ways to donate money that we forgot?


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