25 of the best things to do in and around Vancouver in January


Well folks, not only are we at the end of December, but we are also at the end of 2021! Between the recent restrictions and the cold weather, you might think that the January round of things to do in Vancouver is limited. Not so fast! We have a wide range of options for you, from live events to outdoor activities and food festivals. Let’s take a look!

Here are the best things to do around Vancouver in January.

Live Events

Vancouver Canucks

Since the Canucks cleaned up the house, things have been going well for the team. Winning their last 7 straight games as of this writing, the Canucks, now under Bruce Boudreau, are poised to be a dominant name in the league for the remainder of the season. Go cheer them on!

When: January games
Or: 800 Griffiths Road
Cost: Varied

Push Day

That’s right, one of the best performing arts festivals in Canada is coming back to Vancouver! PuSh will (so far) opt for a hybrid setup this year, which means you’ll be able to enjoy incredible performance in person or from the comfort of your own home.

When: Starts January 20
Or: In-person and virtual events
Cost: Varied

Made in italy

On a related note, the play Made in italy kicks off courtesy of the Arts Club Theater this month! It follows a second-generation Italian living in Jasper, Alta., As he transforms into a suave character based on John Travolta and Rocky Balboa. We like the premise very much.

When: Starts January 13
Or: 2750 Granville Street
Cost: $ 35 +

Flight facilities

That’s right, not all concerts scheduled for January have been canceled yet. Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities will be heading to the Commodore later this month, and they’ll bring with them their unique, laid-back, yet somehow energetic sounds.

When: 22 january
Or: 868 Granville Street
Cost: $ 30 +

Charlotte cardin

A week later, Quebec singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin is also playing at the Commodore! She has a lovely voice and will definitely make you feel good inside after the gig is over.

When: 29 january
Or: 868 Granville Street
Cost: $ 53 and more


Rolla Skate Club at PNE

Rolla Skate Club has found a permanent home at PNE, and they host weekly roller skating parties for kids and adults! If you are looking for fun off the beaten track, this is what you need. Plus, it’s a great break from all the outdoor options around town.

When: Saturdays in January
Or: 21 Renfrew Street North
Cost: $ 15 +


While there are a ton of snowshoe trails to explore all around Vancouver, Grouse Mountain boasts of “The Snowshoe Grind,” which is a tame winter version of the ever popular trail up the mountain. Looking for something even more adventurous (and cheaper)? Then you might want to try a day trip to Squamish.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Cost: $ 61

Cross-country skiing

While snowshoeing is a draw for the best place to go, cross-country skiing has a clear winner in Metro Vancouver. Cypress Mountain has some of the best and most popular cross-country ski trails in all of Canada. Go on a fun expedition during the day, or enjoy the 7.5 km of lighted trails at night!

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 6000 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver
Cost: $ 25 +

Snow tubes

Tubing (or sledding) is certainly a rare opportunity for Vancouverites. Fortunately, you can enjoy both on the dedicated hills of Mount Seymour. This is a great option if you are looking for a day trip with the family or to relax after a day on the slopes.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 1700 Mt Seymour Road, North Vancouver
Cost: $ 29

Alpine skiing

Speaking of actual slopes, we can’t forget that Metro Vancouver’s Three Mountains offer some great trail options close to home. It’s an obvious choice, so all we’ll say is that it’s better to play hooky during the week than trying to visit on the weekends.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 1700 Mt Seymour Road, North Vancouver, 6000 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver and 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Cost: Varied

Canyon lights

You still have time to experience one of Vancouver’s most iconic winter attractions! Canyon Lights at the Capilano pendant light is perhaps even better to check out after Christmas, as the crowds won’t be as intense there most nights.

When: Open until January 23
Or: 3735 Capilano Road
Tickets: $ 54.95

VanDusen Festival of Lights

With over a million lights and a wide variety of facilities, the VanDusen Festival of Lights is another must-see option in the city. After all, it combines an amazing setting with mind-blowing technology, and it’s a winning combination. Do well this ends damn soon!

When: Open until January 3
Or: 5251 Oak Street
Tickets: $ 17.50

Skate Plaza Shipyards

Next is the Shipyards Skate Plaza, which is in fact the largest ice rink in the area! Pair that with stunning views of Vancouver, a wide array of nearby dining options, and the fact that access is free, and it’s easily worth the SeaBus trip there.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 125 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver
Cost: To free!

Robson Square Ice Rink

The latest is the Robson Square Ice Rink, which returns after a hiatus last year. The ever popular downtown location ensures it will be busy throughout the winter, so make sure to try and get there during off-peak hours for the best experience.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 800 Robson Street
Cost: Varies by location

Arts and culture

Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery has a ton of limited exhibitions to check out this month, ranging from specific Vancouver artists to a major Yoko Ono exhibition. Meet on a rainy Tuesday evening and enjoy donation admission for the best value for money.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 750 Hornby Street
Cost: Varied

Bill Reid Gallery

Meanwhile, the Bill Reid Gallery has two ongoing exhibitions that focus primarily on Indigenous weaving and fashion in general. A mix of traditional and modern designs are ready to be explored, with political themes present throughout.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 639 Hornby Street
Cost: 13 $

Polygon gallery

This Côte-Nord donation gallery has two exhibits to check out this month. One focuses on the city’s punk subculture, while the other is a solo exhibition by world-renowned artist Steven Shearer. Plus, their holiday gift shop has some amazing options.

When: OG Punk ends January 16, Steven Shearer opens all January
Or: 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver
Cost: Sorry

Vancouver Museum

The Vancouver Museum is currently presenting an exhibition titled Resident X, which emphasizes the similarities and contrasts between less “well-known” sports and Indigenous experiences. That alone is worth the trip, but as an added bonus there is the Neon Vancouver exhibition to discover also.

When: Open everywhere in Vancouver
Or: 1100 rue des Châtaignes
Cost: Varied

Imagine Picasso

You are running out of time to discover this immense exhibition! Imagine Picasso presents a similar concept, featuring an iconic artist in a unique and immersive way. This time around, expect origami-like decor for the high-definition projections.

When: Open until January 8
Or: 1055 Place du Canada
Tickets: $ 34.99

Food and drink

Dining in Vancouver

Oh yeah, we have Dine Out to look forward to this month. Spanning over two weeks, Dine Out is an amazing way to enjoy a full boat of the best dining options in Vancouver, whether you’re in the mood for a casual lunch or a full dinner.

When: January 14 to 31
Or: All around Vancouver

City of street food

It’s part of Dine Out, but we think it deserves a special mention. For just one week, some of Vancouver’s best food trucks will converge on šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk Square (near the Vancouver Art Gallery). Swing around any day to try delicious dishes as you take a stroll.

When: January 15 to 23
Or: Place šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énk

Pass by your local farmer’s market

You better believe we think a trip to the Farmers’ Market is worth it any time of the year! Shopping for local producers? It does not require any sale from us.

Or: Places around Vancouver


Bloedel Conservatory

Want to take a break from all the winter options? Your best bet is the Bloedel Conservatory, home to hundreds of tropical plants and birds. That’s right, it’s your own local oasis, and it will definitely help you weather the rainy day blues.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 4600 Cambie Street
Cost: $ 7.05

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is regularly mentioned because it’s just awesome! This is, after all, one of the best aquarium experiences in the world, and it’s been made even better with the new Marine Mammal Rescue exhibit.

When: Open all the month of January
Or: 845 Avison Road
Cost: $ 42 for the GA

Watch a movie

2021 absolutely roared on the movie front, from major blockbusters to niche titles from major directors and arthouse options all coming together. So if you think January is a good time to see what’s going on at the Rio, the Cinematheque or the VIFF Center, you are absolutely right.

When: Opening hours throughout the month of January
Or: Places around Vancouver
Cost: Varies depending on the event

Alright, this is our roundup of the best things to do around Vancouver in January! We hope you enjoy a few of these options. Have fun and stay safe there!


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