27 creative DIY bookmark ideas for kids


Kids love cute bookmarks to hold their place while reading their favorite books. Allow them to take some time in class to create their own special bookmark. They may even decide to make one and give it to someone as a gift.

These 27 fun DIY bookmark ideas will provide you and your students with tons of inspiration!

1. Basic Sewing Skills Ribbon Bookmark

Your students will learn basic sewing techniques as they make these adorable ribbon bookmarks. They will need a piece of ribbon long enough to fit their book, a button, a hair tie, and a needle with thread.

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2. Bleeding Tissue Paper Bookmarks


For these cute bookmarks, all you need is card stock, tissue paper, and a little water. Place small pieces of tissue paper on top of the card stock and wet them slightly. The color of the tissue paper bleeds onto the card stock leaving a beautiful imprint when dried.

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3. Craft Stick Star Bookmark


These handmade star-shaped bookmarks are very easy to make. Cut a star out of glitter paper and paint the stick with watercolors. Once the paint is dry, glue the glitter star to one end of the craft stick.

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These cute DIY bookmarks are a kids favourite! Use card stock, washi tape, scissors, tape, and a hole punch to create these bookmarks. You can even customize the bookmark using alphabet stamps!

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5. Nosy Monster Bookmarks


Students will love making these awesome bookmarks! They’ll use a free bookmark pattern to create these big-nosed monsters. Make sure you have scissors, glue, googly eyes, stickers, and construction paper.

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These cute photo bookmarks would make a wonderful gift! Have your students pose in a fun way for adorable pictures, then laminate and cut them out. Students can attach colorful tassels to the top of the laminated photo to add some color.

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7. Confetti Shaker Bookmarks


Kids will love these awesome confetti bookmarks! You will need clear protective sheets, confetti, ribbon, a hole punch and a fuse or a sewing machine. As an adult, you will need to be the one to operate the sewing machine or the fuse tool.

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These handmade bookmarks are absolutely adorable! Students will need several small circles cut from patterned scrapbook paper, googly eyes, markers, and glue to create these cute bookmarks.

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Lots of kids love trolls! These cute troll bookmarks are simple to make. The only supplies you need for this craft are feathers, popsicle sticks, glue, markers, and paint. Encourage your students to create one today!

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Kids will have fun making these beautiful bookmarks! Paint popsicle sticks with green paint and use a free template to create the flower petals from colored paper. Glue the petals together and adhere the popsicle stick for this masterpiece.

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11. Paper Clip Bookmark with Ribbon


These paperclip bookmarks are the perfect project for kids and are super easy to make. All you need are giant colored vinyl-covered paper clips. You will cut small pieces of ribbon to tie on the top of the paper clip to complete the creation.

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12. Bookmarks from the corner of the heart


Heart-shaped bookmarks make great Valentine’s Day gifts! The origami heart bookmark is a great origami craft for beginners. Use pink or red origami paper and scissors to make this simple and adorable craft.

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13. Traced feather bookmarks


These cool bookmarks are fun for kids to make! They can trace real feathers and use watercolor paints, tape, scissors and card stock to create these bookmarks that are tiny masterpieces of art.

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Duct tape is available in a variety of patterns and colors. Lay two pieces of tape on top of each other, cut them, and add ribbon and beads to create these fun bookmarks. Kids love it!

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Kids will have so much fun making these cute animal bookmarks. Young readers will enjoy using Popsicle sticks, glue, construction paper, markers and paint to create these simple and adorable bookmarks.

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Embrace nature with these beautiful bookmarks! Watch a quick tutorial to learn step-by-step how to make these treasured bookmarks from felt and jumbo paper clips. These bookmarks make great gifts for book lovers!

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17. Magnetic Fabric Bookmarks


These pretty magnetic bookmarks are a real pleasure to make! All you need are scraps of fabric, a piece of card stock, a hot glue gun, and thin magnetic strips. These make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read.

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18. Paint Chip Heart Bookmarks


These cute bookmarks are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts! Visit your local hardware store and pick up several free paint chips in reds and pinks. Take a heart-shaped punch, punch, and ribbon, and you’re well on your way to creating these cute, inexpensive bookmarks.

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These cool bookmarks are made with a simple artistic technique using rubbing alcohol and Sharpie markers. Children of all ages will be fascinated when making these cute creations. Gather your supplies, watch the tutorial, and make your own tie-dye bookmark today!

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20. Bead and Ribbon Bookmarks


These ribbon and bead bookmarks are super easy to make, and they make great gifts for teachers! Use a variety of beads in different shapes and sizes along with colorful ribbons to create your own unique bookmark.

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21. Fruit Slices Corner Bookmarks


These fruit corner bookmarks are a fun summer activity for kids! Use a square of origami paper and fold it up to create your own cute and fun fruit bookmark that fits in the corner of your book page.

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22. Scrapbook Paper Bookmarks


These creative bookmarks are easy, inexpensive, and fun. In fact, you probably already have all the supplies needed to make these nifty DIY bookmarks. These make the perfect classroom activity!

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Does your child need a quick and inexpensive teacher gift? Use paint chips and ribbon to create these adorable bookmarks. Your child can even write a sweet note to the teacher on these bookmarks.

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Take vinyl-covered paper clips and old buttons to create these treasured homemade paper clips for the book lover in your life. These handmade gifts are sure to put a smile on your book-loving friend’s face!

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25. Stained Glass Bookmarks


These eye-catching stained glass bookmarks will let your child experiment with a variety of colors. These bookmarks are fun and super simple to make. Grab your supplies and let your child make several at a time.

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26. Handmade Flower Bookmarks


These treasured bookmarks make great Mother’s Day gifts! Students will trace their hands on colored paper and glue them onto painted popsicle sticks. Mothers will treasure these beautiful bookmarks for years to come.

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Kids love Minions and they’ll love creating these cute bookmarks! These bookmarks are simple and inexpensive, and they will be completely handmade by your little one.

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