31st Callaway kite flight takes off September 3


CALLAWAY – Thirty times in the history of the English language, the phrase “go fly a kite” has been used as an invitation to join in a party; this Labor Day weekend will mark the thirty-first.

The Callaway Kite Flight returns for another weekend on Saturday, September 3; soon the skies of Custer County will sprout their annual menagerie of strange wings and colorful tails like so many origami clouds.

The two-day festival will bring back some perennial crowd favorites as well as a few new events as well; Event sponsor and organizer Kindle Rice says the goal is to provide an exceptional weekend for everyone involved.

“We try to keep things a bit consistent; when someone likes something, we try to keep it on the list, and we have a few new ones this year.

A new featured event, not listed on the schedule, will be a tour of central Nebraska’s Teddy Bear Mobile. The seller offers a Build-a-Bear experience for all ages. A portion of the seller’s proceeds is donated to charity.

One of the most intriguing events of the past year is the Kite Painting Exhibition. Rice emphasizes how unique the show is. “We have two professional flyers who go out and use their kites to paint on canvas. It’s not something you’re going to see anywhere else in the United States. It’s a really cool thing to come and watch.

The resulting paintings are offered for sale; profits are donated to the Callaway community.

Another highly anticipated flight and one of the oldest of the weekend is the annual night flight; professional and amateur kiters will take to Foster Smith Field at 10 p.m. on Saturday with kites lit and will likely confuse quite a few fireflies in the most creative way imaginable.

Indoor flight, says Rice, is fascinating in itself. “Watching these guys fly these windless kites, propelling them with their own bodies is the coolest thing. It’s like watching someone dance; it’s really awesome.

The Sons of the American Legion will be holding a fish fry to bolster their scholarship fund, the Callaway Market will be offering a watermelon feed on both days, and candy drops will be performing as regularly as possible, as close to every hour. as possible, according to Rice.

And all it takes to get the event off the ground is a good wind.


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