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When it comes to crafts with children, there is always a magical material that always passes: paper. Whether it be construction paper, computer paper, or yesterday’s journal, your art supply drawer isn’t complete without this particular DIY ingredient. That’s why we’ve rounded up 34 crafts that showcase paper, from paint on paper to garlands and party hats.

For a little messy fun, try this cool craft from I can teach my child. Grab some shaving cream, paint, and a baking sheet and step outside to make these colorful fireworks. For instructions, Click here.

This cardboard plane is an easy way to get your budding aviators flying. Let them decorate it with markers, then the construction is simple. Head to As we grow up for details.

photo: Wee Gallery

How cute these finger puppets are to Small Gallery? Not only are the patterns adorable, but the hardest part will be cutting them all out after the kids have colored as they please. Which means it’s easy! Get the tutorial here.

Have enough materials for each child to paint their own pig! It’s very simple and you probably already have everything you need. We love the easy tutorial of Oh creative day. Click here for the Tutorial.

A 3D rainbow is a perfect and easy St. Patrick’s Day craft. Creative Mom Arena The nerd’s wife provides a tutorial that even a preschooler can master. Do you have a kid who likes to mix things up? Tell them to arrange the strips of paper in their own rainbow shape. Get information from The nerd’s wife.

If your children are fans of The little Mermaid, they will have fun making this adorable origami from Pink striped socks. Put the movie in the background while you’re doing it, and you’ve got a great afternoon in store. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Make a colorful bouquet that will never fade, all with a few simple supplies: dropper, food coloring, paper napkins, and plate cleaners and pipe cleaners. We especially like the look when neon colors are used. Get the full tutorial here.

Who says your smart kid needs a brush to paint? This paper art activity celebrates spring with a print of paint and a fringe of green, green and green grass. Learn how to make such cute tulips with Growing up at Gabel easy to follow user manual.

We are obsessed with these transforming ninja stars of What do we do all day?, and there’s a good chance your kids will feel the same. You’ll first turn eight parallelograms into a wheel, then push and pull on the sides to turn it into a star. Click here for full details, plus video instructions. Do you like origami? We have more perfect origami for kids here.

If you have a budding bookworm in your family, you must make this adorable project from Easy and fun. There is a lot of room for creativity with these since you can add eyes, teeth, horns … the sky is the limit. For instructions, Click here.

This warm fireplace of Crafts by Amanda is a warm addition to a dollhouse or nursery to make them feel like real adults (without fire hazard, of course!). It will be fun for the little ones to search for sticks in the woods or your local park for their own mini fireplace! Thanks to Crafts by Amanda for this great idea!

Recycle this year’s greeting cards, turning them into this year’s nifty gifts! Follow the instructions of As we grow up and learn how to create these artfully amazing bookmarks. Keep some of your child’s creations for yourself or give them away as holiday gifts.

Be creative and mix things up with it Picasso inspired collage. Your child can create the perfect plump pumpkin and then cut it into puzzle-like pieces. Place the rearranged pumpkin on a larger sheet of paper, creating a cool collage that looks entirely artistic. Get more artistic and spooky Halloween paper ideas here.

These clever cardboard and paper bats Buggy and buddy are 3D cuties that can hang almost anywhere. Decorate a festive table centerpiece with these winged creatures or turn this Halloween DIY into an imaginative accent for your fall foliage or floral arrangement.

File it under “coolest idea ever”: origami you can wear! These modular bracelets from Kawaii paper are so much fun to make and can be made in any color combination or size your little one wants. Click here to view the video tutorial. And if you love origami, check out these awesome origami projects for kids.

Make sweet sheep out of paint, paper, and some of your child’s favorite art materials. This springtime craft is perfect for preschoolers. And as a bonus, it’s easy to adapt to your toddler or elementary school student. Get the details on how to get artistic with DIY stamping from Buggy and buddy.

Hop to this hat craft that you can do anytime of the year (not just Easter!). Our friend’s itinerary Alpha mom ask for scissors, a pink marker and a paper plate. The site has other great cardboard hat ideas like decorative wreaths and heart hats, so check them out. For more simple and fun hat crafts, click here.

We love this giant paper airplane behind which the astute mom Fireflies & Mudpies made for only $ 1! Have the kids decorate the fenders before heading out for an afternoon of flying lessons. See these fierce flyers in action and learn how to create your own here.

This craft involves a bit of twisting and a bit of curl. And remember that there are many fruits with which you can brighten up the branches. Maybe add a bird or a squirrel or two! To verify Creative Jewish mom to learn all about how to twist, curl, and create this fun paper bag craft.

For more paper bag crafts, click here.

This profession of First pallet is fit for the pint-sized royalty in your life. With construction paper, crepe paper, and as much glitter as you can find, you’ll have a new addition for the fancy dress bin. Lead here for full instructions.

For more paper hat crafts, click here.

Paper doll chains are a pretty classic paper craft and we think this one comes from Sea Mag has a particularly irresistible charm. It is perfect for decorating your aspiring ballet dancer’s bedroom or for the next birthday party. Learn more here.

Accessories to Charlotte in hand, who came up with this super cute and easy idea for creature inspired masks. All you need are reused paper bags, sharpies, and a little imagination to get a house full of wild animals. Click on here for all the inspiration you need.

For easier masks that will transform your day, click here.

This one is for all lovers of little cats. Thanks to A subtle rejoicing, you can make a totally cat-tastic DIY garland. The shapes and collage are quite simple and you can customize the colors and whiskers as well. Find the user manual here. For more easy garland ideas, click here.

Are you digging the tie dye effect of this art of Buggy and buddy? This activity is all about joyful watercolor painting and the perfection of imperfection. Get all the information you need here.

Okay, so this trade is less papermaking and more papermaking. It’s an educational combination of art, science and design and a great way to teach little ones about the origin of paper. Lead here to babble Dabble Do for step-by-step instructions for all kinds of homemade paper.

Here’s something to roar about: an ultra-easy dinosaur hat from Cut small bites. Ideal when you need a quick pretend prop or a special prop for that dinosaur party. Learn more here.

For 9 more dinosaur activities for kids, click here.

Your budding architects will enjoy creating their own city of paper. After some adult preparation (for the x-acto knife steps) this turns into a coloring and paper collage activity that is sure to keep an afternoon entertained. Hang Free House Model at Babble Dabble Do here.

Do you know those catch-cooties that you never tire of when you were a child? They got a shark twist from Easy and fun. Prepare the children to start origami, then get the model and instructions here.

Make your tea time even more stylish with a DIY newspaper hat. It’s a great way to use old newspapers – and your little lady can go wild with all the flowery and feathery decorations she wants. Find out more here.

For more fun and easy hat craft ideas for kids, click here.

This idea of Create in chaos is one of those deceptively easy trades. It only needs a few materials, there’s a free printable involved, and we’re willing to bet your kid will be happy to color. Get everything you need here.

This Babble Dabble Do idea is part science lesson, part paper project, and totally amazing. These are paper flowers that grow in water, imitating the real natural phenomenon. Click on here for full instructions.

—Abigail Matsumoto

Characteristic photo: Sigmund via Unsplash


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