7 Proven Tips on How Can Instagram Coils Promote Your Brand? “



Want to learn how to use Instagram Reels to promote your brand? Want to increase Instagram engagement for your brand? Here we give you the top seven tips and a bonus tip to get your brand excited!

With 1 billion monthly active users spending an average of 28 minutes per day on the social media site, Instagram is THE PLACE for your brand. With the best tips mentioned in this blog post, you won’t have to buy Instagram views to increase Instagram engagement now.

Coils are the way to go now. They’re short, crisp, and engage the user better than any other medium. All you need to learn to increase Instagram engagement is to master your Reels game. The tips and tricks mentioned in our blog post will help you do just that and much more and save your money that you would otherwise use for buy Instagram views.

So, let’s take a look at the tips you came here for, to promote your brand using Instagram Reels and increase Instagram engagement. These are –

1. Behind the scenes look – Brand transparency

The users are always eager to know what is going on in the making of the brand, the products and everything associated with it. So, take advantage of this user curiosity. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at the product, the brand and how the product is made. It will help you increase engagement on Instagram and arouse the curiosity of the potential user. It will promote your brand as a transparent brand, which is not afraid to show users behind the scenes. Create 15 second reels with time lapse video and engage users in an interactive and fun way.

2. Teasers

Teasers are a great way to capture the imagination of users. It’s a balance between showing them what to expect while keeping them hanging and not revealing everything. It will make them eager to know what is coming. Instagram reels are a great way to make fun and tempting teasers. Use relevant songs, make them energetic, or use humor as an instrument to create this teaser. Pick what most closely matches your branding and value and therefore take advantage of the reels feature to increase engagement on Instagram.

3. Rewards as positive reinforcement

Give potential and current users an added advantage to watch your reels. The end of the reel will have a discount code specially for those looking at the reels. The rewards will act as a positive reinforcement for the user and attract them to the brand. This will help you, as a brand, to increase engagement on Instagram without needing to buy Instagram views.

4. Everyday Stories… more connection with users

To increase your connection and engagement with users / customers, it is important that they feel connected to you beyond the product you are selling or marketing. To do this, you can creatively use Instagram reels to show users – company culture, short interactions with management, inspirational company stories.

5. Take a look at the boss’s life

When building a holistic branding image, it’s important to maintain a connection through trust and transparency. A first-hand glimpse into the lives of the bosses who run operations at all levels helps build that trust and connection with users. Use Instagram Reels and give a quick look at how leaders are striving to make the brand a user-friendly and sustainable brand.

Also show the fun side of leaders, the jokes they make at meetings, or how well they can sing / dance, as well as quotes from their speeches and interviews. This will open a conversational door and bring the user closer to the business and the brand.

6. Content on relevant contemporary topics with brand integration

When focusing on ways to increase engagement on Instagram, it’s important that in addition to JUST MARKETING, make the brand a human brand, one that cares about issues affecting the general public. Build this human brand image using Instagram reels where you talk about issues like menstruation, the use of masks for COVID-19 protection, manual labor, climate change, and more. Show them infographics and what action is your organization taking in this regard to finish. Engage users with these reels.

7. Tutorials … a fun way to create communication

Another creative way to use Instagram reels is to use them to create short tutorials that match the brand and the products. For example, if you are a stationery brand, create quick origami tutorials, DIY planters, and more. Every brand will have something they can teach users. Invite users through these reels to post their creations after going through the tutorial and give them visibility on your Instagram page / reels.

Bonus tip – Call on influencers… start a challenge

Invite influencers, collaborate with them to create new challenges like 7 day exercise challenge, 24 hour challenge without social media, etc. Engaging users on Instagram through fun challenges and games will help brands create lasting impact on user / customer and form an association.

Follow these quick tips and you’ll never have to buy Instagram views and you can always increase engagement on Instagram. Have a good reeling !!



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