97 terrifically designed products, places and signs, as shared in this online group (new photos)


“It’s through mistakes that you can really grow. You have to become bad to become good.”

Paula Scherone of the most influential graphic designers of our time, once said these words with reference to the design. And while I’m sure she was honest, I think some designers really took those words to heart and somewhere along the way dropped the “get good” part of their plans.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the most atrocious design examples that have been shared on this subreddit which is dedicated to roasting a terrible design. From signs that cause headaches just trying to read them, to ovens that melt their own buttons, apparently there are plenty of bad designers out there who need to grow up a little (or a lot) before they start churning out a great work.

Be sure to vote for any photos that make you want to fire a designer somewhere, and let us know in the comments which were the worst design examples you’ve ever seen. Keep reading to also find an interview we were lucky enough to receive from the graphic designer, writer and the man behind Identity designed, David Airey. Then, if you want to discover even more horrible design examples, you can find some of our previous articles on the same topic. here, here and here.


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