A SIGEP capable of astonishing, the doors open onto the great world of Foodservice Dolce


Rimini- SIGEP is back. And with it the great world of dolce foodservice which, from March 12 to 16, has an appointment at the Rimini fairgrounds under the banner of business and internationality. the Italian exhibition group fair dedicated to ice cream, pastry, bakery and coffee attracted a crowd of traders from the early hours of the morning, eager – after two years – to discover what’s new in the sector and to meet the big names in the market.

In fact, SIGEP 2022, occupying 90,000 square meters, opens with the great protagonists of the sector: on exhibition spaces that stand out for their dimensions, their architecture and their avant-garde materials, are the companies leaders who form the different sectors of artisanal dolce, bakery and coffee, with novelties eagerly awaited by the international market, as well as curious novelties. Artificial Intelligence Systems for boxes and integrated cameras: they recognize the food selected and “prepare invoice”. Exciting origami napkins, resulting from an artistic competition and which we will soon find on the counters of bars. So what Maxi Kebab cream made from 10 kilos of chocolate, mounted like ethnic food on a vertical rotating skewer and cut into flakes with a special knife. Continuing with the theme of extra-large items, a coffee bean measuring one and a half meters by the artist Aurora Thomo: covered with more than 40,000 coffee beans, it has the groove in pure gold leaf. On display flour with spices, seaweed and cereals: turmeric, spirulina algae and hemp seeds. And once again, the Consortium for the Protection of Ricotta DOP Campana Buffalo has launched the babà la bufala. There is also heated pizza box for home delivery, which guarantees hot and tasty dishes. Then, to become children again, a space was dedicated to brightly colored cotton candy: green/apple flavor, lilac/cherry flavor, blue bramble/blueberry flavor and yellow/banana flavor.

The opening ceremony had an emotional start with a tribute to Ukraine, with a video of the national flag waving. The word then passed to the inaugurators.
The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini began: “This exhibition is an extraordinary sign. The president of the IEG, Lorenzo Cagnoni, fought for Sigep to take place this year, instead of postponing it. And I think that this exhibition, in the excellence it presents, is symbolically the cornerstone from which to start again to try to move things forward. The economy in this region was flying high: we ended 2021 with 6.9% growth, and we had to go all the way back to 1975 to find similar numbers. For the sixth consecutive year, Emilia-Romagna is the first in terms of growth, together with Veneto. Export data and exhibitions make an extraordinary contribution in relation to the value of agri-food chains and show that each citizen of Emilia-Romagna exported the equivalent of 16,300 euros, which is twice the national average. Prospects for growth and employment may decline due to the drama of this war, but there is no percentage of GDP that is not worth the right to fight for freedom and democracy.

President of IEG Laurent Cagnoni continues: “We tried to see how to respond to the need for innovation in our sector. And we have done this with digital, so that it becomes an added value to the quality of the products we offer, and by trying to use possible alliances with other players to achieve essential synergies. We can now count on an alliance with Cologne Fair to export Sigep to Shenzhen in China, and with Hanover Fair to work with them on the Mexican and American markets. With Informa Market, from Dubai, we started to realize new exhibitions in the world of jewelry and gold. These alliances allow us to imagine new targets and strengthen ourselves on the domestic market.

Jamil Sadegholvaad, Mayor of Rimini: “Sigep is giving the sign of a real recovery and inaugurating a new season of normality for the territory. Proof of the great will to face the future as a challenge to overcome the difficulties of recent years and today, to lay the foundations for a season of great interest for our citizens, traders and businesses. In this context, the promotion of our agri-food sector, with our excellent local products, must be considered as a decisive stimulus and an attractive force for the tourist component. “

Gian Marco Centinaio, Under-Secretary of State for agricultural, food and forestry policiesconcluded, “All production chains are in the midst of a storm, with dizzying increases in the cost of raw materials, gas and fuels hitting the economies of production, distribution and consumption. In addition to being oriented towards the optimization of aid from the PNRR (Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan) and European funds, the government’s attention is directed towards the fight against speculative phenomena that also affect cereal chains and agri-food. In this sector, Italy is a world leader, with 52 billion euros of exports. Our country does not export products, but real dreams: we must start from this concept to make known even more products, territories and traditions in the world.

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