Accounts to follow for home gift ideas and Christmas decor


Wondering where to look for festive inspiration this year? The Instagram algorithm understood us all and we discovered some beautiful Christmas-themed accounts.


Whether it’s handmade decorations, wreaths of dried oranges and cranberries, or beeswax candles, Lindsay from @thegirlinthepaper has you covered. As big a fan of Christmas as we are at IMAGE HQ, she begins her festive prep in early November and has plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials on her Instagram page to help you with your crafty pursuits. It is also very aesthetic.


Some of you may recognize Kat beyond her Instagram and that’s because she’s a former House of the Year contestant. Her creative eye goes beyond interiors, and her social media is full of nifty things you can do with the kids. This elf spy camera on the shelf is super easy to make and will definitely help keep the little ones on their best behavior as the big day approaches… so, double the win.


Homemade decorations make great gifts. Not only are they completely unique, but you can also personalize them according to who they are going to. All you need for these macrame versions is a macrame cord, a few wooden rings / balls, a comb, and a pair of scissors. Easy to do but very professional looking.


This one is probably for the more seasoned craftsman among you, as it requires a Cricut machine, which is used to cut chunks of wood and other thick materials. The price of these machines varies depending on the style / model you are looking for, but they usually cost around $ 150. Alternatively, you can make this same gingerbread village from thicker paper or cardboard.


Based in Australia, Chantel Mila is a mother of two passionate about styling, organization and cleaning. A strong believer in the “work smarter, not harder” mentality, she enjoys good hacks and often shares the best ones she’s encountered with her followers on her Instagram page. His advice on packaging is particularly good and this how-to video will certainly be very useful in the coming weeks.


Often times, the bag in which you deliver your gift is as important as the gift itself. I’m serious is the first thing you see when you hand over the merchandise, after all. Make sure you make the best impression possible with any of these dotey house designs. It’s also a great way to reuse old newspaper / magazine cutouts – we all know how wasteful Christmas can be, so anything you can do to combat that is a bonus.


If crafts aren’t your thing, then baking maybe and who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? Tieghan Gerard is the woman behind the Half-Baked Harvest Instagram account and her feed is a pleasure to watch. Don’t go on an empty stomach, as it will only make you want to eat. These Vanilla Christmas Tree Cookies are fun, festive, and extremely delicious.


A treasure trove of gifts and decorating ideas, Dekor Home Dekor has all the bases covered when it comes to the holiday season. By sharing some of the best tutorials from other artisans, you’ll find videos showing you how to make your own pine cone Christmas trees, how to tie the perfect bow, and even how to make your own personalized table setting.

@ maarit.hanninen

Anyone who has walked through a Christmas market knows the beautiful star lanterns that many vendors often sell. Well, what if I told you that you can actually make your own? No, really and it’s much easier than you might think too… or the artist Maarit Hänninen does it see easy at least.


Paper snowflakes always remind me of my youth and my pre-Christmas art lessons when I was a little kid. Every year I would come home with an armful of badly cut creations as “gifts” for my parents – if they were ungrateful they never showed it, and said the creations were always proudly displayed around the house for everyone can see them. Revisit the childhood classic with this tutorial.


Although we love candles all year round, they become all the more magical at this time of year when the gently flickering flames help create that cozy and hygge feeling that Danes talk about so loudly. These festively decorated versions make great fun gifts and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg to make either. Add them to stockings, Kris Kindle gifts or use them in your own home to create an atmosphere.


Cinnamon is one of the resounding Christmas smells for me and I love flooding my home with this gorgeous scent throughout the holiday season. These super simple ornaments don’t take time to make and require very few materials, so you can easily put a few together while untangling the fairy lights and heating the mulled wine.


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