Additional Measures in Chinatown to Limit Chinese New Year Overcrowding


SINGAPORE – Additional crowd reduction measures will be introduced to keep visitors to Chinatown safe as the Chinese New Year approaches.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said on Saturday January 15 that enforcement efforts to ensure compliance with safe management measures will be stepped up.

It is working with the Chinatown Business Association and government agencies to ensure that stores and restaurants do not extend their businesses onto pedestrian paths, which could prevent visitors from keeping a safe distance.

STB said this includes hotspots along New Bridge Road as well as Pagoda and Trengganu streets.

More ambassadors and safe-distancing enforcement officers will be deployed during the three weekends leading up to the Chinese New Year: Jan. 14-16, Jan. 21-23, and Jan. 28-31.

Chinese New Year falls on February 1.

The STB will work closely with relevant agencies to monitor the crowd situation in Chinatown and implement additional measures during peak periods if necessary.

“Possible additional measures include closing the pedestrian entrance to Pagoda Street from New Bridge Road, restricting entry from Chinatown MRT Station Exit A in Pagoda Street, and closing Temple Street to vehicular traffic. “, did he declare.

“We encourage the public to plan their visits to Chinatown in advance and to visit during off-peak hours.

He reminded visitors to comply with the measures in force, such as wearing masks correctly, maintaining a distance of 1 meter between them and keeping in groups of five people or less. “We urge everyone to be socially responsible, to allow everyone to enjoy the festivities safely,” he added.

The public can also participate in online activities, such as a tiger origami tutorial and a love letter baking video on the Chinatown Festivals Facebook page.

To avoid the crowds, the public can buy Chinese New Year products at an e-bazaar organized by the Kreta Ayer Community Club and the e-commerce platform Shopee from January 17, which offers offers and gifts integrated into the ‘application.


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