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As many schools prepare to welcome students back to the classroom, Arts & Education at the Hoyt is ready to welcome them back to the art studio with 11 weeks of free after-school arts lessons this fall. .

Projects range from traditional drawing and painting to recycling discarded materials and sculpting reliefs.

“This year, we made a concerted effort to link with our rotating exhibits to better understand the creative process. Young people will visit the galleries and use what they see to create their own projects,” said Hoyt executive director Kimberly Koller-Jones.

“Our next show, for example, features collages and sculptures assembled from random collections of ‘things’. We will examine the materials used and their assembly, then return to the workshop to make portraits, vases and jewelry from magazines. As we head to “Mystery & Benevolence,” an exhibition of Freemasonry art and artifacts, we’ll have fun creating with disappearing codes, inks, and symbols.

Similar to Hoyt’s summer art camp, projects change weekly to give ages 6-13 the chance to experiment with different materials and create something new each time. Students can choose from:

•Seven. 6-8, “Back to basics”. Refresh basic artistic skills used in all media. Grades 1-3: Begin by making a claw jar that will become the subject of your drawings and paintings exploring the use of line, shading, and color. Grades 4-6: Brush up on your drawing skills by shading simple shapes, hand-build clay pinch pot monsters, and learn how to mix colors to complete a watercolor leaf painting.

•Seven. 13-15, “Hide and Seek”. Explore the use of popular images and everyday objects to create art. Levels 1-3: Select, observe and swap packaging used in Robert Maiella’s exhibits to create designs, then use the same ideas of line, shape and color to create your own packaging. Grades 4-6: Each project will explore Pop Art with a collage of images inspired by candy wrappers, pop bottles, and exhibited works by artist Robert Maiella.

•Seven. 20-22, “Mixed Media”. Redefine the creation of paintings, prints and drawings with unusual approaches to artistic creation. Grades 1-3: Create a collage of portraits from magazine clippings, use tree rings as a base for engraving, and markers to design an optical maze. Grades 4-6: Use tree rings as a base for engraving, fruit to illustrate a portrait, and markers to create optical illusions.

•Seven. 27-29, “Upcycled”. Reuse discarded materials to create new works of art. Grades 1-3: Layer, roll, tape and twist magazines and fabric to create animal silhouettes, vases, bowls and jewelry. Grades 4-6: Layer wallpaper and paper to create silhouettes and fold, roll and glue magazines to create vases and bowls.

•Oct. 4-6, “From the kitchen”. This week’s projects are inspired by our favorite foods. Grades 1-3: Choose a snack to inspire your comic, then record it with quick drawings as it disappears into your mouth. Snacks will be provided and we will also make prints using cooking utensils. Grades 4-6: Create still life, comics, and kitchen prints using your favorite foods and kitchen utensils.

•Oct. 11-13, “Beyond the Ordinary”. Use your creativity to design and build extraordinary systems from ordinary objects. Grades 1-3: Explore steampunk and Rube Goldberg’s approach to designing and building complex systems. Grades 4-6: Explore steampunk and Rube Goldberg’s approach to designing and building complex systems. Projects range from drawing to sculpture.

•Oct. 18-20, “Built with paper”. This week, paper is the material, not the surface, of innovative works of art. Grades 1-3: We will build paper towers, explore paper crafts, and do origami individually and in class. Grades 4-6: We will fold, roll, layer and glue various papers into a series of projects resulting in origami, towers and castles.

•Oct. 25-27, “What a relief! » Create dimensional murals, otherwise known as reliefs, in ceramics and mixed media. Grades 1-3: Sculpt clay to make a dimensional tile. Then layer and shape paper, felt, string, pipe cleaners and other materials to create monster masks. Grades 4-6: Our first project will use slip to layer clay to create a dimensional animal tile. Next, cut out and assemble a monster mask using cardboard, hot glue, and paint.

•Nov. 1-3, “Crafting Codes”. Explore our latest exhibit on the art and science of creating and solving secret codes. Grades 1-3: Use the science of bases and acids to reveal hidden messages, the principles of Morse code to embed a message in a beaded bracelet, and glow-in-the-dark paint to add a glow-in-the-dark surprise to a painting. Grades 4-6: Use the science of bases and acids to reveal hidden messages, the principles of Morse code to embed a message in a string of beads, and create a pig cipher to create and decode messages.

•Nov. 8-10, “Signs and Symbols”. Explore the use of symbols in our latest exhibition to represent its mission, character or ideals. Grades 1-3: Create your own unique symbol, then make a felt banner that represents who you are. Grades 4-6: Our first project will use symbols to create a badge for the Hoyt. The second will emphasize what symbolizes you, your values ​​and your mission with a felt banner for your bedroom or clubhouse.

•Nov. 15-17, “Art for Others”. Follow the charitable example of Masons to create art for the benefit of others. Grades 1-3: Make decorations using alcohol inks and salt dough for Hoyt’s annual open house. (You can keep one too!) Funds raised will be reinvested in the after school arts program. Students will also have the opportunity to make stockings filled with candies to give to the person of their choice. Grades 4-6: Work together to create a coloring book and stepping stones for Hoyt’s Gift Shop and Gardens. The original coloring book designs will be returned to the creators and all funds raised will be reinvested into the After School Arts program.

After School Arts is open to Lawrence County students in grades 1-6 on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are held from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. Doors open at 3 p.m. for homework and snack time. All materials are provided. Registration is required by calling (724) 652-2882 ext. 115 or visiting Students can enroll by the week, selecting only the weeks that match both their interests and their schedule.

The program is generously supported by Medallion Wealth Management, Live Events, FNB Wealth Management and Packer Thomas.


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