AGENDA magazine sets the bar higher for the New Year with its January 2022 issue 17: “Couture Paper Dolls”


LOS ANGELES, CA, January 10, 2022 / 24-7PressRelease / – It’s 2022, and Agenda is giving the world something different to distract from the pandemic. Despite the bumps in the road in 2021, the multicultural fashion and lifestyle magazine and its team thrived in its haze – Agenda continued to publish compelling journalism, reviews and photographs! From a Queen’s Gambit-themed editorial with designer Ana Fritz, and featuring hats from the award-winning NETFLIX series, Queen’s Gambit, to the Ralph Lauren fragrance launch, “Ralph Lauren Club,” January 2022 issue No. 17, “Couture Paper Dolls” is filled with vibrant content for the New Year. Diary features cover model Lita Cline who stars in the “Queen of the Night” editorial. This fashion story is photographed by Udo Spreitzenbarth and styled by Ty-Ron Mayes (Fashion Whisperer) And as Agenda “reintroduces” paper dolls, you’ll meet the creator of a new collection line in the article “Couture Paper Dolls by Glenna Gaffney:” A Fashionable Collectible for the ‘Grown Up’ Little Girl! “

As head of entertainment (Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan), Glenna Gaffney remembers: “As a little girl, I played with paper dolls and I made their clothes, because I didn’t like the ones that came with the dolls. . As far back as I can remember, I have always been creative. Glenna’s dolls are unique, styled with new fashions that include Swarovsky crystals and handmade hair from paper bags. Each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity. Her paper dolls are not typical, as they cater for all ages, including the savvy, curvy girl.

From Black Design Collective, Agenda interviews Renaldo Barnette, a designer and illustrator who has worked with Ralph Lauren, Patrick Kelly, Anne Klein, Nicole Miller, Yansi Fugel and Badgley Mishcka, among others. Barnette conceptualized BrookLynn, a comic book turned into a paper doll.

“I remember when I saw model Gail O’Neill in ’84 -’85, I was like ‘wow, she looks like a doll.’ I remember thinking it might be like a comic book. I had played with the idea for decades. Well, 10 years ago, I gave it a name. That’s how BrookLynn was born . But it’s a combination of my girlfriends that I knew as models, like Gail O’Neill, Coco Mitchell, Karen alexander … All these black American girls who were like Millie the model, but black. She’s like my love song for them. ”—Renaldo Barnette

The editor-in-chief of Agenda describes the origins of the paper doll. Kaylene Peoples’ historical retrospective sheds light on how far back these inexpensive toys are in her article “The Evolving Paper Doll”.

“You should know that by some estimates, paper dolls have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. Faces and (sometimes) objects were applied to paper and used in rituals in Asian cultures ago. centuries. The Japanese used paper for origami, and dating back to AD 800, they folded paper figurines into kimono shapes. The Balinese made paper and leather into puppets before the Common Era. other cultures around the world had paper training or the art of paper. No clothing was made to be used with dolls at the time. Fast forward to just under 300 years ago years ago when fashion kicked in, making this inexpensive paper toy extremely profitable. ”- Kaylene Peoples, Fashion Talk

Celebrity stylist Ty-Ron Mayes appeared on the set of the new miniseries, And Just Like That. Her article reveals fun facts about the series, which stars three of the original members of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. “And Just Like That is all about inclusion with ready-made characters and angst-riddled teens promising to be juicy, messy and so sexy!” Even though the rest of the cast are now in their 50s, the show will be just as exciting as it was when Sex and the City was all the rage a quarter of a century ago. –Ty-Ron Mayes, fashion whisperer

Medical medium Anthony William is also featured in the final interview of the three-part Diary series by Melanie Wise (Wise Remedies).

“The old theory, ‘it’s all in their head’, is still partially in effect now. There are also new theories, such as autoimmunity, which suggest that “the body attacks itself”. This theory started in the 1950s and puts the blame on women’s bodies instead of admitting that science and research don’t yet know what’s wrong. These theories disempower all women, men and children. There are real causes behind the symptoms and conditions that women and men suffer from, and it is not their genes or their bodies that are attacking themselves. –Anthony William, “The Final Ends as We Explore Other Health Mysteries with Anthony William, Part 3

Zac Baldwin reviews movies from books – “Die Hard is a very good detective story. It’s very different from the movie with Bruce Willis, but a good read, very enjoyable. Many people consider the movie Die Hard to be a Christmas movie, because that’s when it’s set. So I’ll allow the stretch and recommend the movie as a fun holiday treat (for older kids, of course). –Zac Baldwin, “Movies Based on Books: Binge-Watching or Binge-Reading for the Holidays and Beyond!” “

Sheryl Aronson (Arting Around) interviews famous award-winning designer David Josef. “Melissa Manchester was dressed in a gorgeous sparkling pantsuit with a black bodice, embroidered with gold trims at the Kennedy Center Awards on December 6, 2021, in honor of her longtime friend, Bette Midler; and Moore was in an elegant crimson gown with a flowing black cape, draped in crimson florals when she was honored at the HAP (Hollywood African Prestigious) Lifetime Achievement Awards on October 26, 2021. 501c 3 founder La fashion to the rescue. Aronson also reviews Blood Sweat & Tears in concert.

September Burks gives insightful insight into his incredible career working on television in his interview, “September Burks: The Award-Winning Makeup Artist Who Is on the Move!” Burks also talks about Burks Cosmetics, its new, all-vegan, eco-conscious line of cosmetics. Agenda’s beauty editor Shahada Karim offers her unique gift choices throughout the year. In the article “Shahada Karim’s Favorite Things”, Karim reviews Pause Play Wellness, Shun Knives, The Harmonist, Nomad by Bond No. 9 and Pressed Pigment Powder by Hindash.

Kornit Fashion Week LA 2021 had a lineup of Israel’s hottest designers with runway Victor (VIVI) Bellaish, Shai Shalom and Kobi Halperin. For fashion archives, Altuzzara’s 2013 S / S Ready-to-Wear collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY is presented and photographed by Arun Nevader.

Ash Gupta (838 Media Group) chooses Sana Saeed to CHECK this issue. The talented actress hails from India with a thriving career and starring in a stunning editorial; and “Melrose and Hollywood: Winters in California” is a fun broadcast, featuring models Noa Athena and Mariam Zol in styles from Lulu & Sky.

Ralph Lauren Fragrances presents Ralph’s Club at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles with an impressive roster of celebrities in attendance including Haylee Steinfeld, Rachel Zoe, August Getty, King Princess and Kathy Hilton, with a performance by Prince Charlez. And Agenda highlights HULU originals The Drop Out (Amanda Seyfried) and How I Met Your Father (Hilary Duff).

Magazine agenda ( tells the story behind the story since 2004, continuing that dialogue into its 17th year. And after 7 and a half years of printing, the luxury magazine continues to publish coffee table memorabilia with engaging content and jaw-dropping photographs. January 2022 Issue 17, “Couture Paper Dolls,” is a 149-page glossy paper, available digitally and in print worldwide. Visit for more information. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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