All Guinness World Records broken in Essex


The Guinness World Records 2022 is released today (Thursday, September 16) and features a host of weird and wonderful records from around the world.

In the latest edition, you can see who holds the title for the most jumps on a person’s hair in 30 seconds, and the fastest 20m two-handed walk.

However, you will also find many world records which have been broken by locals in Essex or at places in Essex.

It ranges from the largest number of continuously cracked joints, to the heaviest weight pulled by pierced ears, to the largest congregation of cardiac arrest survivors.

Even a TOWIE star managed to get their name into the record books in 2021.

What are the ten strangest Guinness World Records to break in Essex?

Heaviest weight pulled by pierced ears

Pulling anything out just using your ears seems like an incredibly painful experience, but it’s something performance artist Johnny Strange has managed to do in the extreme.

At North Weald Airfield in Essex, Strange successfully pulled a Cessna 172P aircraft using his ears on May 12, 2014.

He weighed 677.8 kg, Strange pulling him a distance of 6.22 m.

Most handcuffs unlocked within a minute

It’s not as obvious as shooting an airplane with your ears, but it’s still an impressive feat.

The record was broken by Stuart Burrell in Rochford on July 11, 2015, who managed to unlock nine in the allotted time.

In fact, Burrell was breaking a world record he had already set, having unlocked eight in a previous attempt.

Most joints continuously crack

Cracking your fingers is quite common, but for Kalai Selven Kali Shanmugham it has the ability to do so with many other parts of her body.

The Brentwood man in November 2017 set the world record for the most continuously cracked joints, with a total of 32.

To attempt the challenge, Kalai had to do so in a soundproof studio equipped with microphones, with two witnesses counting pops behind glass so as not to interfere.

A timekeeper also had to make sure that there was no more than a three-second gap between each click.

The previous record of 26 was held by James Syiemiong from India, which was recorded in May 2003.

Fastest escape from prisoner transport irons

That record comes again from Stuart Burrell, who completed this challenge on the same day as the handcuff record.

He managed to escape from a pair of standard double locking prisoner transport irons for 1 min 3.78 sec.

Again, it was Burrell breaking a record he already held of 1 min 37.4 sec.

The fastest time to make 1000 origami cranes

We now have a very recent world record, which was completed on June 22, 2021.

Evelyne Chia from Colchester did it in 9 hours, 31 minutes and 13 seconds.

Chia had attempted this challenge to raise money for the NHS and chose origami cranes because they are symbols of peace and hope.

Speaking to Guinness World Records, she said: “1000 cranes translates into Japanese as ‘senbazuru’ and it is very popular in Asian countries to fold a senbazuru when people are sick or need help.

“The legend goes that the person who folds 1000 cranes can make a wish – mine was that I would be able to raise enough money to make a difference for our national health service and I think it has come true – I managed to raise £ 2,310 by the end of the event. ”

Most named capitals on a roller coaster in a minute

Certainly not something you would even have considered a potential world record was broken by TOWIE star James Bennewith on May 6, 2021.

Also known as “Diags”, he performed the Colossus roller coaster attempt at Thorpe Park, listing a total of 38.

This topped the previous record of 11.

“Diags” used an earpiece to communicate with his casting mate, Dan, in the field who read the random list of countries.

He then had to answer as best he could.

Claiming a world record had been on his bucket list for some time, it was revealed that he had broken it during an episode of TOWIE as part of his 30th birthday celebrations.

The largest gathering of cardiac arrest survivors

A triumphant occasion saw 127 cardiac arrest survivors meet in Basildon on June 9, 2018

This was carried out by Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals, Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK and SADS UK.

Participants between the ages of 11 and 80 traveled from all over the UK to be part of the attempt, with one even cutting their vacation in Gran Canaria short to make it happen.x

Longest vocal note in a song (studio recording)

A studio recording by singer-songwriter Tee Green performing Benard Ighner’s standard “Everything Must Change” contains a vocal note of the same pitch that spans 39 seconds.

Recorded at a private studio in Hornchurch, it was three seconds longer than the 36-second effort of American singer Melba Moore at the end of “The Other Side of the Rainbow”, the title track from her 1982 studio album.

Green’s record-worthy note begins 5 minutes 31 seconds after the start of the track and ends at 6 minutes 10 seconds. The note stands on the word “fly”, in the concluding lyrics “The rain comes from the clouds / The sun lights up the sky / The hummingbirds fly”.

Fastest time to catch and flip a full deck of cards

Matt Ager with his Guinness World Record

Braintree’s Matt Ager managed to break this record, completing it in a time of 2min 16.21sec on May 12, 2020.

It was a lifelong dream for Matt to break a world record, and he attempted it during the first Covid-19 lockdown to raise awareness about the Make a Wish Foundation.

Most dumbbell squatting weights increase within a minute

We couldn’t finish this list without going back to Stuart Burrell.

Burrell attempted a number of world records during the first Covid-19 lockdown and attempted this one in Southend.

The weight he lifted through dumbbells squatting in one minute was 632.40 kg on July 4, 2020.

The complete list of Guinness World Records broken in Essex

Biggest vertical bike climb in 12 hours (team) – 9,401.6 meters by Tony and Steve Collins (Halstead, Aug 2, 2015)

Longest field hockey marathon to play – 56 hours, 18 minutes and 45 seconds by the Chelmsford Hockey Club (July 1-4, 2016)

Biggest hook – 2.77m by Clare and Broa Sams in Colchester (December 11, 2017)

Longest indoor field hockey marathon – 26 hours and 38 minutes by Havering Hockey Club against Team Harrow (Hornchurch, December 7, 2008)

Superman’s Biggest Dance – 1,042 people from Hamstel Junior, Infant and Nursery School in Southend (July 10, 2015)

Largest K’NEX Motor Vehicle – 3.90m X 1.22m X 1.05m by William Rose at Great Dunmow (September 12, 2020)

Best time to slalom 10 cars on two wheels – 53.39 seconds by Alastair Moffatt in North Weald (September 8, 2017)

The most weight lifted by EZ bar French press (French curl) in one minute – 668 kg by Stuart Burrell in Southend (July 4, 2020)

Most Rope Crossings (Crusader) While Jumping in 30 Seconds – 70 by Peter Thompson in Southend (November 14, 2019)

Best time to hook ten ducks (team of two) – 33.66 seconds by Alasdair McGregor and Michael Abbott at Osea Island (May 13, 2017)

The Biggest Xbox Game Collection (PAL Region) – 814 by Neil Fention from Rainham, Essex (June 16, 2014)

Speed ​​stuffing on a British table (Male) – It took 59 seconds for Steve Daking to clean a pool table in Colchester (October 26, 2002)

Most Straitjacket Escapes in Eight Hours – 193 times by James Peters in Chelmsford (September 27, 2003)

Longest garland (team) – 2.12 km made by the villagers of Good Easter, Chelmsford (May 27, 1985)


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