Artist Hacer transforms Garment District with origami-inspired sculptures



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With its intricate patterns folded from delicate squares of paper, origami is traditionally considered a very fragile art form. However, for California artist Hacer, the traditional art of paper folding is much more than that. The sculptor was introduced to origami when he was only 7 years old, through the book Sadako and the thousand paper cranes by Eleanor Coerr. And from the early days of Hacer’s fascination as a child, his influence has remained with him, evolving from a simple creative outlet and growing to inspire his entire artistic career.

Hacer’s iconic larger-than-life sculptures resemble giant origami animals. But instead of paper, they are formed from meticulously crafted steel. Often exhibited in the open air of public spaces, his origami-inspired sculptures are playfully perched among cityscapes. And for its last public exhibition, Hacer: Transformations, the artist was commissioned to install a series of his colorful origami animals in New York’s Garment District.

Commissioned by The Garment District Alliance, this project marks Hacer’s first large-scale solo exhibition on the East Coast. His origami light sculptures now dot the plazas between 36th and 39th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, filling the neighborhood with whimsy and whimsy. Among them are a magenta elephant, a green bear cub, a yellow dog, two turquoise rabbits, and two coyotes, the largest of which is 14 feet long.

“As we head into fall, we want the Garment District to be a welcoming and enjoyable space for all visitors, whether returning to the office, traveling or just passing through,” said Barbara A. Blair, president of The Garment. Neighborhood alliance. “We know these oversized sculptures will bring a smile to everyone’s face, and we all encourage everyone to stop and take a photo with their favorite origami creation!”

To learn more about Hacer and his origami-inspired sculptures, visit the artist’s website. If you’re in Manhattan, you’ll be able to spot her colorful steel creations yourself until November 23, 2021.

Artist Hacer makes origami-inspired sculptures that are larger than life, and some of them can now be found in the Garment District of Midtown Manhattan.

Giant origami sculptures Giant origami sculptures Giant origami sculptures

The colorful origami animals are formed from meticulously crafted steel and bring playful whimsy to the surrounding cityscape.

Giant origami sculptures Giant origami sculptures Giant origami sculptures

Gerardo Hacer: Website | Facebook | Gallery

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