Best DIYs on the theme of the book “Harry Potter”


As fans of the show, it can sometimes be difficult to truly portray your love and dedication to Harry Potter. Yes, you can have a wand, a House scarf, the Harry Potter editions of classic board games, a set of special edition books… Okay, maybe it’s not that hard. But whether you’re looking for more low-key options to celebrate Harry Potter or just a fun, bookish DIY project, we’ve got you covered with this list of our favorite bookworm and book dragon crafts.

1. Mini Book Charms

These book charms are super cute and surprisingly easy to make. After only 20-30 minutes of making and baking time, you will become the proud owner of adorable charms. You can use them to make a cool necklace, charm bracelet or keychain. Or why not string them with fairy lights and make your own Harry Potter– themed garlands? The creative options are endless, so go wild with your book covers, whether it’s house-themed editions or wizarding world tomes like Advanced Potion Crafting Where the Monster Book of Monsters. However, we better not see copies of magical me floating around!

2. Potter Bookmarks

It’s a must for everything Harry Potter fan. These bookmarks are super simple – yet creative – and offer a handy way to save those precious books from getting dog-eared. With simple origami and cool patterns, you’ll create an enviable bookmark to take anywhere. This project is ideal for children and adults and will allow you to show off your Harry Potter pride throughout the city. What designs will you create?

3. Magic pen with ink

This one is for aspiring writers – or those looking to get into a journaling practice. Or maybe you just want to add darker college vibes to your life. Either way, if you’ve ever wanted to make your own quill pen easily, this DIY is for you. Using these instructions, you can actually recreate the green ink pen that was used to write Harry all of his letters from Hogwarts!

Quill pen and bottle of ink placed on parchment paper

4. Harry Potter–Themed felt bags

If you’re a certified bookworm (or book dragon, if you prefer), you’re probably carrying a lot of books. Whether it’s a trip to the library or you just have a few books to pack, it’s handy to have a bag of books. So why not try DIY your own book bag with these cool Harry Potter-themed felt bags? While it may seem a little more intimidating than other projects, this DIY is quite simple and leaves plenty of room for creativity.

hp bags

5. Spellbooks

For someone who wants cuter Harry Potter– themed decor in and around their home, these spell books are just the thing for you. Turn sad old books into cool versions of Hogwarts textbooks – perfect for your bookshelf, coffee table or as part of a costume. This DIY might be simple, but the end result is so beautiful that you’ll want to make at least two of them. It also comes with templates to get you started!

grimoire bindings

6. Monster Book of Monsters book box

This one is too adorable for words. make your own Monster Book of Monsters with simple felt, googly eyes and a book box. Perfect for an afternoon of crafting with the kids – or just as a cute personal project – these book boxes can be personalized and embellished however you like. It’s also a great place to store a favorite book or other treasured items. No one would dare approach this box of books!

7. Harry Potter Tile Coasters

Using actual book pages for DIY is a bit of a controversial topic, but on the other hand, you can’t deny how great these Harry Potter tile coasters are. Capture your favorite passages and pages from Harry Potter on these simple coasters and build a cool personalized collection. If you are against the massacres of books of all kinds, you can always photocopy your pages!


As you can see, we have DIY books for everyone Harry Potter fan. Whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon, a kid-friendly activity, or a fun decoration for your own space, we’ve got you covered. DIYs are great because you can customize and personalize each project, adding your own special touch – we can’t wait to see what you create.

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