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Origami, which literally means “folded paper” in Japanese, is a timeless art form that is also incredibly accessible. People of all ages can take a sheet of paper and manipulate it in virtually any subject, although there is a canon of traditional forms that has been established over the centuries. It is a very wearable art that is perfect for practicing while traveling or while waiting for a date. Whether you are looking to make origami a casual hobby or a serious hobby, it can be economical to purchase a kit, which not only includes an instruction manual, but also a supply of papers to help you out. to start. Our picks below include options for origami enthusiasts of all ages.

1. Amazing origami kit

Clear, complete and motivating, this kit can be enjoyed by children and adults at all stages of their origami journeys. The projects are varied, ranging from contemporary to traditional creations: cranes, frogs, a folding fan, a lantern, many kinds of flowers, and much more. In addition to comprehensive step-by-step instructions, a 96-page book includes a key to important bend symbols so you can confidently interpret each diagram and know when to press in, flip, make a valley fold, and more. The kit includes 144 beautiful papers, including solids, patterns, and a few foiled sheets.

To buy:
Amazing Origami Kit

$ 17.06

2. Origami BUBU Kit

Specially designed for kids, this kit focuses on simple and cute forms that can be completed in less than a dozen steps. It includes a small booklet with illustrated instructions for creating creatures such as a crane, elephant, and dog, plus a sheet of sticker eyes to add at the end. The paper is a bit thin, but the wood pulp is dyed so that the surfaces will still reveal the color even if they are torn.

3. Japanese origami kit for beginners

If you’ve just started your origami journey, we recommend this starter book, which focuses on traditional shapes. The 96-page book shows you how to make 20 classic shapes, including a carp, a frog, and even small boxes. The illustrations and diagrams are clear, but if you need additional visual instruction, there’s a helpful DVD full of video tutorials for you to watch. The book also delves into the history of origami and the symbolism of various forms so that you can understand the context of your designs. Also included are 72 sheets of patterned paper printed on both sides.

To buy:
Japanese Origami Kit for Beginners

$ 14.36

4. Colorful origami kit for children Gamenote

Many origami kits offer papers with printed patterns intended to be used for specific shapes. These can help bring finished pieces to life, adding surface details and colors. We love this kit because the designs are lovely, well printed and vivid; they are also varied, ranging from marine animals to insects to plants. There is also a guide that clearly details the steps for each project. Many are simple, requiring only four to eight steps, but there are also some more complex ones.

To buy:
Colorful origami kit for children Gamenote

$ 14.99

5. My first origami kit

Perfect for an animal lover, this kit is a great way to introduce young people to the creative delights of origami. Aspiring artists can create 16 animal designs by following the instructions, using the printed papers from the kit which make the final shape a bit more realistic. The creatures include a bear, penguin, pig, duck, and cobra. We also love that you get a set of eye, nose and paw stickers to further enhance each animal. Despite the name of this kit, some instructions are slightly difficult to follow and may require adult guidance, but consider this a fun challenge for you and your child to complete together.

To buy:
My first origami kit

$ 9.00



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