Best Standing Desk Converters Will Save Your Crooked Back


Normally, a standing desk converter would be easy to consider overkill for the home office. When you worked primarily in a Desk-desk, on a summer Friday spent with your laptop literally in your lap and you on your couch, it was absolute perfection. Why the hell would you fill your house with a busload of work gear? But now, well, you’ve realized that a tower is a trash desk, a dining room table isn’t the right height, your kitchen chairs hurt your butt, and a bundle of Ibruprofen goes fast when you take a few every day. to deal with lower back pain. Two years ago would have been the best time to build yourself a nice home office setup – and right now, as we all deal with our new hybrid working style, it’s second best.

“Whether at home or in the office, most of us don’t change positions often enough,” says Ron Porter, licensed physical therapist and director of The back school. “Any posture held too long will cause decreased blood flow and stress in certain parts of the body.” Porter says that static postures decrease our blood flow by up to 50%, which can lead to muscle fatigue. To combat this, “the key is to change your posture frequently”. A tabletop standing desk converter is a very simple way to make this possible, without requiring you to replace your kitchen table with a full-fledged standing desk.

How to choose a sit-to-stand converter

A good sit-to-stand desk converter has two key characteristics: stability and adjustability. Porter prefers models that clip or mount to your desk, which are generally safer than those that simply use their weight to stay in place as you move from height to height.

You also need to consider the size of a sit-to-stand converter. “Built-in laptop keyboards, [trackpads]and the screens are too close together to allow for good posture,” says Porter. “It’s much more ergonomic to use an external mouse and keyboard. That means you’ll need a converter with a platform to fit all that gear.

It should be noted that if your desk surface is already too high, there is nothing a converter can do to help you. But even just being able to stand periodically will help your body feel less like an origami crane at the end of the day.

The Best Overall Standing Desk Converter

FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser M7 Standing Desk Converters

Flexispot’s AlcoveRise two-tier design can quickly become a single-tier converter thanks to the easily removable keyboard tray. Its compact design is good for those with limited space, and its 28-inch option is good for people 6’1″ and under, while the 31-inch converter is good for those 6’5″ tall. and less. Easily adjust the converter with one hand and store it somewhat flat for when it’s time to get out.

The Best Standing Desk Converter

The Best Cheap Standing Desk Converter

Fitueyes Adjustable Desk Converter

The Best Minimalist Standing Desk Converter

Cora Fully Standing Desk Converter

The best standing desk

FlexiSpot Pro Series E7 Standing Desk

If you’ve got the room, the cash, and an evil laptop neck case, consider making the jump to a real standing desk. Where a sit-to-stand converter can’t solve the problems of whatever it sits on, a standing desk will provide ergonomic bliss whether you’re sitting, standing, or doing whatever else leaves you in between.

The best standing desk converter for laptops

Because human bodies and WFH setups are all unique snowflakes, the best laptop stands are adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower your screen to the perfect eye level for you. The Roost Laptop Stand is lightweight and portable, making it a great option for anyone looking to take their ergonomic setup to the future. But that also means the stand plays well with our favorite tabletop sit-to-stand converters. If you wanted to put one on a converter, it wouldn’t add a ton of extra weight.

More Standing Desk Converters We Like

The PWR+ laptop stand has a unique design with a separate tray for an external mouse. That might make it slightly better ergonomically than the Roost stand, but that depends a bit on your setup. You might be better off keeping your mouse on your desk surface next to your keyboard, while you use the stand to elevate your screen.

Moft Z Laptop Desktop Converter

Do you like origami? The Moft Z is kind of like the art of paper folding, except this thing can support your laptop (or tablet). This Red Dot award-winning product can be adjusted to different angles, then folds flat for easy storage. If you’re worried that the Moft Z won’t hold up to your heavy laptop, take comfort in knowing that it can hold up to 18 pounds.


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