Block 2022 bedroom and bathroom reveal photos.


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We’re back for another drama-filled week on The block.

This week, the Blockheads have been tasked with completing a guest bedroom and bathroom – making this the fourth bedroom reveal we’ve seen from contestants so far.

This week has been difficult for Sharon in particular, who spent a night away from the site to clear her head.

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She and Ankur also had a tiff with Scotty Cam and Shelley, who asked the pair if they still wanted to be on the show.

After Scotty told the Blockheads that no one was making them stay, the couple explained that they felt ambushed.

Everyone left pissed off.

Despite the drama, the couple managed to hold their own and flaunt a space furnished with tools.

Here are all the pictures of that of the block the guest bedroom and bathroom reveal:

Tom and Sarah Jane.

Money spent: $26,613

The first is House One whose polarizing tartan wallpaper proved less polarizing as it won over all three judges.

“I’ve loved everything Tom and Sarah-Jane have done so far, but not as much as I love it,” Darren said.

Shaynna thought the heart of the piece was there and felt that a “really well trained eye” had put it in place.


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