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While there are many things no mother wants to hear from her children, one that tops the list is hearing them say they are bored. A bored child is never a good thing and it can cause a lot of problems for mom. A bored child is likely to get into trouble and mischief, or just follow his mother around and annoy her all day. Although there are many reasons why mom “lets” her children get bored because it stimulates their creativity and imagination, sometimes she needs a solution.

When a child becomes a preteen, it can be a tricky age. They are a little too old for toys and children’s games, but they are not old enough to go to the mall or the library on their own. This means mom has to get a little creative when trying to come up with things to do around the house. With a little thought and this helpful list, mom will find 10 ways to get rid of the boredom that boys and girls feel.

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ten Pastry shop

Siblings who cook together and don't fight
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Not only is baking incredibly fun, but it also has some great life lessons. According to Childhood 101, baking is a great activity for tweens because for many recipes, they can handle it on their own. This is something they may be able to try for themselves, and they will also learn to clean up after themselves.

9 Redecorate their room


Tweens come into their own, which means they might want to give their bedroom a makeover. If mom doesn’t have the money to buy new things, maybe just let them move the furniture around and figure out how they’d like it to look. If mom wants to get a little more adventurous, maybe let them paint their room.

8 Knitting

woman knitting
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Knitting seems to be an activity for the older generation, but it is making a comeback. This is through online tutorials. There are hundreds of different models online, and most of them will have a YouTube video, so your tween can be learned. It’s something they can be proud of.

7 A neighbor in need

Lawn mower
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If you’ve been keeping an eye on your neighborhood, you might have noticed an elderly person in need of help or a busy mother. Discuss the idea with your neighbor and your child of the possibility of going to help with some household chores. It’s a great way to show a tween how to help someone, and she can get some spending money.

6 Glow Stick Hunt

child with glow sticks
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If mom has two or more tweens or older children, she may suggest a glow stick hunt. According to the Feels Like Home blog, it’s great because he doesn’t need much help from mum. All mom has to do is get glow sticks and make sure each child has an assigned color. Then the kids hide the glow sticks from a sibling (or friends), then everyone has to look for them. It can be a teamwork activity or made more competitive.

5 Gardening

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If time permits, now might be a good time to introduce your tween to gardening. It can also be done indoors if it’s a rainy day. Have them research online about gardening, planting plants and keeping them alive. Then give them an assigned part of an outdoor garden to take care of.

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It’s likely that a tween already has regular chores, but if she complains of being bored, Mom can think of extra chores she can do. Maybe cleaning closets or the garage. Mom should keep in mind that she might have to give them some pocket money, but it’s a great way to fight boredom.

3 Origami

solo craft girl
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Origami is an art form that may have lost popularity, but it’s still something creative and interesting. Mom doesn’t need a lot of supplies for this one either. According to Suburban Simplicity, origami can be a great activity for bored tweens, and there are plenty of tutorials online to help them out.

2 lemonade stand

Mom loses business due to pandemic and tries to survive with kids' lemonade stand
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It’s never too early to teach a tween how to run a business, and this one can be ideal for those hot summer days. However, in cold weather it could be a hot chocolate station. Have your tweens work on building their booth and making drinks. It’s a great way to get them out there and learn what it’s like to make their own money.

1 In writing

child's writing
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If your child is an avid reader, have them test their writing skills. If they are used to reading novels, they will understand how a novel works and can try their hand at writing their own. It’s a great activity for summer vacation when tween will have a few months to work on it, and it’s something they can pull off whenever they get bored.

Sources: Childhood 101, Feels Like Home Blog, Suburban Simplicity

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