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Young creative minds come together, compose pieces and form lasting friendships during one of the biggest art weeks of the year at the county fairgrounds.

The Chisholm Trail Arts Council kicked off its annual Arts Explosion Week on Monday with eager students ready to make their own memories.

Three groups of students rotated each day this week, including students in grades three through five, kindergarten through second, and a class in grades six through 12.

Darcy Reeves, Executive Director, said attendance at Art Week has continued to rise over the years. With a variety of teachers, including Arlyn Brantley, Ruth Crittendon, Lanetta Davis, Brenda Gandy, Adam Heilman, Linda Heilman, Shelly Farrar, Melissa Mayo, Cindy Parks and Terry Burdine, many types of art come to life.

“We are so excited to see at the end of the week how all the projects come together for our family evening reception,” she said.

This year’s theme is about reusing art with materials in nature.

Throughout the week, Brantley taught students how to create Chia heads and worked with students on a watercolor project to evoke student creativity. From there, Davis worked with kids on making dreamcatchers and Cindy Parks taught origami.

Other student projects consisted of pottery and pastels.

“Pottery is still the preferred class,” Reeves said. “We’re still waiting to see what the next project is and to see all the creative ideas that come out of it.”

Committee chair Cindy Parks said she has been involved since 1991, when her own children took part in Arts Blast Week.

“It’s always a fabulous program,” she said. “We’re reaching a lot more kids now, because initially there were only third, fourth and fifth graders, now we have kindergarten through second grade and teen classes.”

Parks was the committee chair for about 10 years with CTAC.

“These kids have been amazing,” she said. “They are very committed.”

Parks shared words containing the word “art” with the students and asked for their opinions. She told the students about the word “Earth” and said “without art the Earth would be eh”.

Reeves said they love seeing the kids grow through the various Arts Explosion weeks and this year many new students signed up.

“They come back every year,” she says. “The good thing is when they make friends and can’t wait to see their friends from last year again.”

For this year, Reeves said Red Dirt Apparel donated the screen printing of their new aprons for kids’ classes.

“They loved wearing their bright and colorful aprons this year,” she said.

CCAT students continued to work on their art projects throughout the week in preparation for the Friday evening reception where the students presented their artwork.

“It’s a really gratifying moment to see all the happy faces,” Reeves said.

The scholarship sponsors provided money to students who needed financial assistance to participate in CTAC’s Art Explosion Week. This included: Adrianne Arrington, Real Estate Experts, LLC; Deborah Hancock, Vision Reality Group; Karl Jacobs, RE/MAX Oklahoma; Ron Mulkey, Vision Realty Group; Matt Setters, CS/CP; Teresa Young, Fox Hollow Studio; Duncan Anesthesia Associates, Inc.; Traditional Studies Club and BancFirst.

“We really appreciated their help this year, helping the kids attend classes,” she said.

For more information on the CCAT Art Gallery, visit or call 580-252-4160.


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