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Chennai: Do you know what you did last summer? If you have young children, you’ve probably spent hours researching summer camps that would keep your young ones engaged. But many children from disadvantaged sections of society have no one to enroll them in creative pursuits, or even homes to return to. That is why Chennai Volunteers (CV) decided to bring the summer camps to these children, bringing in volunteers, experts and artists to bring smiles back to them.
“Over the past two years, children have been severely affected, directly and indirectly, by the pandemic, so we are holding week-long sessions in selected children’s homes and schools,” says CV Founder Rinku Mecheri, adding that his organization has been running these volunteer-led summer camps in select children’s homes since 2014.
This year’s theme for ‘Summer Camp For Champs 2022’ is fun. “After the stress of the past two years, we want them to relax and have fun,” Rinku says. This year CV reached 10 schools and homes for children including Rainbow Homes, SPASTN, Sri Arunodayam Trust, CHILD Home, Deepam Special School, CSI School for the Deaf and more Again. “Our visiting resources are all volunteers and include movement therapists, drummers, professional magicians and well-known clowns, to name a few,” she says.
John Pradeep, founder of Clowns of Chennai, which performs across the city to entertain and educate children, is part of the initiative this summer. “Our goal is to spread smiles. We did a two-clown burlesque performance for SPASTN and have one more planned.
The camp will run for a week in each location, with daily two-hour sessions. “We will have dancing, origami, a drum circle, a clown show, a magic show, outdoor games, fireless cooking, art sessions and music,” explains Rinku.

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