Column: Former Del Mar resident feeds kids with ‘The Paper Girls Show’ streaming adventures


Meet Caily Hopper and Reese Easley, two best friends who love to do things, learn things and share what they have done and learned with all of their friends. And thanks in part to their very good adult friend Olivia Levenson, Caily and Reese are sharing their DIY adventures with many friends across multiple platforms.

Caily and Reese are the animated stars of “The show of the paper girls” an award-winning streaming series that teaches kids how to use science, art and technology to solve everyday problems while having fun creatively. Levenson is the show’s creator and her roots go back to her days as a kindergarten student at what was then known as the Santa Fe Montessori School in Solana Beach. (This is now the LePort Montessori School in Solana Beach.)

“Much of what I learned there is the foundation for my thinking today. It’s about having a strong sense of self and learning from the world around me and the people around me, and hopefully thinking critically, ”said Levenson, who went at Del Mar Hills Academy Elementary School.

Levenson was bitten by the showbiz bug at her Montessori school, where she played Dorothy in a production of “The Wizard of Oz”. Her family moved from Del Mar to Portland, Oregon when she was in college, and Levenson continued to star in school productions. Until she realized that some of the most exciting actions were taking place elsewhere.

“I started to really question the autonomy I had of being in front of people versus being backstage,” Levenson said from his home in New York City. “That’s when I got really interested in coming up with cool stories that I could relate to and other people could relate to.”

She returned to California in 2010 to attend USC, where her passion for storytelling led her to a bachelor’s degree in writing for film and television.

For a while, Levenson did what Hollywood expected. She interned at MTV News and at an arts and literature agency, and was an executive assistant at a multimedia entertainment company. Then, after a stint at the Children’s Media Association, Levenson started doing his thing.

In 2015, Levenson became a founding member of Global DIY, a bi-coastal children’s media company specializing in creating STEAM-focused entertainment for children. The idea is to use relevant characters and quick storytelling to get young viewers interested in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, to better prepare them for whatever the world needs. 21st century their reserve.

Step into “The Paper Girls Show,” in which tech-obsessed Caily and ingenious fashionista Reese use a magical book to travel through Confetti, a secret paper world where imagination and creativity reign.

During each short episode, Caily and Reese tackle a real-world problem with the help of their quick friends, Kami and Dev. Episodes are supported by educational guides, projects DIY experts from Curious Jane and craft tutorials from Taro’s Origami Studio.

Whether Caily, Reese, and the gang are using origami to solve a fashion emergency or building a high-frequency device to help their friend Jax with a rodent problem in his cool maker-space / bookstore, “The Paper Girls Show” wants to keeping her viewers’ minds engaged while touching their hearts, their social conscience and their funny bones.

Olivia Levenson, creator of “The Paper Girls Show”.

(Andrei Korchagin)

“We hope our characters are inspiring and complex enough that the kids want to explore the topics after the show, and we also hope that a level of authenticity emerges,” said Levenson, 29. “Every problem Caily and Reese solve on the show has to do with a real-world project the kids can do at home. It was very important that the content was as tangible and engaging as possible.

The show had a low-key YouTube launch last year. It was recently added to the lineup of Sensual, a free streaming service from Common Sense Networks that offers thousands of age-appropriate videos, all curated by experts. This recent development puts the new kids of “The Paper Girls Show” in the company of the Wiggles, Kidz Bop and Sesame Studios, the creators of Sesame Street.

This is exactly where they belong.

“It really is the perfect example of a show that has everything we’re looking for,” said Eric Berger, CEO of Common Sense Networks, a for-profit subsidiary of Common Sense Media. “Creativity is at the heart, and the idea of ​​the show is to inspire kids through science and STEM, but also through the arts, which is really unique. It really inspires them to think for themselves and to go out and do things. “

With their unwavering friendship, unstoppable ingenuity, and endless curiosity, Caily and Reese make big dreams possible. Even if your dream is to save the world.

Olivia Levenson knows all about this dream. She is seeing him now.

“I had a feeling growing up that I wanted to make a positive impact in one form or another,” Levenson said. “Being able to impact children with what we do is the best thing. I can leave feeling that I have done something meaningful and rewarding.


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