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Some films are must-haves for me. Every time they are on TV I have to watch them, and one of them is the Jurassic Park trilogy. (Or any other dinosaur movie, to be honest). It started with “The Land Before Time”, transformed into “Jurassic Park” (“The Lost World” continues to be my favorite!) And then into “Godzilla”.

So I was thrilled when our Adult Program and Development Coordinator, Margo Holmes, presented Dinovember’s practice to the library this year.

What is Dinovembre?

Parents and co-authors, Refe and Susan Tuma, started Dinovember, capturing the antics of dinosaurs who indulged in all kinds of nonsense overnight. It’s gone with a bang and now it’s a monthly celebration every November. There’s even a picture book, “What the Dinosaurs Did,” that the library has ordered and will be on shelves soon. To celebrate, people from across the country are capturing photographs of dinosaurs in fun situations, and in November the library will participate.

We’ll be posting photos and videos on social media throughout the week, and everyone is welcome to come to the library and see the dinosaurs in person. A glass display case is installed in the front and in the center of the library hall. To continue the festivities, I thought I would highlight other dinosaur items from the collection to help you celebrate with us throughout the month!


Michael Crichton created the original concept for the Jurassic Park films. Those who want to start where the series began can find the first book as an eBook or eBook Audiobook on the Oklahoma Virtual Library. “The Lost World” (Book 2) is available as an eBook on Hoopla or as a physical book in the Library Collection.

And, if you love the movie as much as I do, check out the movie soundtrack on Hoopla!

Of course, Jurassic Park movies took creative licensing, so if you’re looking for historically accurate portrayals, the library has books for all ages, from learning about the smallest dinosaurs to facts about dinosaur records. . And there are plenty of other dinosaur books just to have fun for the whole family!

Other films

While the library doesn’t currently have the original Jurassic Park movies, we do have “Jurassic World,” as well as other dinosaur movies to watch. (And remember you can still request DVDs through interlibrary loan! Call us at (580) 234-6313 or request items from our catalog at

For children, the library recently incorporated the “The Land Before Time” film collection. For documentary lovers, the library also has the BBC’s “Prehistoric Park”.

Digital collection

For even more choice, we also have our digital libraries – Hoopla and Overdrive. Hoopla offers a great selection of reading books, drawings and crafts (origami dinosaurs, do you like it?). Even a cookbook on dinosaurs! The Oklahoma Virtual Library has a book of stories to read for those who enjoyed “The Good Dinosaur.” There is also an adventure book “Your Choice: Prehistoric Survival”! Start at

So while you wait for the dinosaur adventures to begin in the library, be sure to check out all of the fun dinosaur articles in the collection. It’s bound to be a roaring good time!

Malan is a communications specialist for the Enid and Garfield County Public Library.

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Malan is a communications specialist at the Enid and Garfield County Public Library.

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