Countless cuts transform simple sheets of paper into exquisite flora and fauna



#animals #flowers #paper

November 2, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Pippa Dyrlaga, shared with permission

Cutting ornate lace patterns, slender roots and scaly chameleon skin with meticulous detail, Yorkshire artist Pippa Dyrlaga (formerly) continues to transform individual sheets of paper into elaborate works. Her process involves drawing a design that usually features a floral design before slicing each component by hand with a scalpel. Once the excess paper is removed, the resulting works reveal intricate patches of wildflowers and carefully sliced ​​fur and fins.

Dyrlaga’s works will be included in an exhibition in Paris next month, and she is in the middle of a collaboration project with origami artist Ankon Mitra. To add one of her exquisitely cut pieces to your collection, check out her store and dive into her process on Instagram.

#animals #flowers #paper

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