Cozy Korner Crafting lots of fun for families


It can be hard to find a peaceful place to let your creativity take root, but Amber Carpenter has the answer to your problems.

The 28-year-old Red Boiling Springs native and mother of two recently returned from Kentucky and saw an opportunity to do something she had always dreamed of: owning her own craft store and studio. She has been crocheting, origami and drawing for most of her life, and hopes to encourage a creative spirit for the community with her new business called Cozy Corner.

Upon arrival, she recognized a familiar inability to source quality crafting materials in a small town, much like the one she grew up in. With his business, Carpenter hopes to provide McMinnville with a much-needed service and location that will relieve some of that burden.

“Most people have to travel to Cookeville or Murfreesboro to get the gear they need,” Carpenter explained. “It’s inconvenient and can be very difficult to get what you need as you have to account for those long journeys.”

In addition to putting resources within the reach of artisans, she offers her business space as a place where artists and families can come together and bond around their respective trades or relax with games.

Cozy Korner has a big screen TV which will be outfitted with consoles and available to play during office hours and there are shelves full of board games for those who prefer the tabletop genre.

“There aren’t many places where you can go as a family and let your kids express themselves,” Carpenter said. “I hope to provide parents with a space like this. It can be hard to find.

The walls of Cozy Korner are left bare and white with that freedom of expression in mind, as Carpenter has a plan for them once the doors open to the public later this month or March.

“I want to let people color the walls,” Carpenter explained. “They can draw and color anywhere. There’s just something to be told all your life that you can’t draw on the walls, but you can come here and do just that and express yourself.

Currently, Carpenter plans to include various classes and workshops in the community’s schedule, hoping to also organize other family activities such as movie nights. It intends to allow local craftsmen to bring their pieces on consignment.

“I’m so excited for everything,” Carpenter said. “We waited so long to open because I really wanted everything to be perfect first.”

A zoning issue delayed an opening date until recently, but Carpenter is optimistic that will soon be resolved. If all goes as planned, Cozy Korner Crafting should open its doors this Thursday, February 24 at noon. It is located on the Smithville Highway near Gateway Tire and across from the Ben Lomand facility.


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