Dazzling fashion lines, watches for lovers and trendy luggage


Ti Gong

Chinese model Liu Wen wears a Dazzle Fashion outfit.

Dazzle fashion

Inspired by Dunhuang, an old town on the historic Silk Road, Dazzle Fashion’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection – “he” (harmony and fusion) – displays the power of traditional Chinese culture.

Located at a meeting point of the civilizations of ancient China, India and Persia, Dunhuang is a treasure house of arts, religions and cultures. It has nourished many artists, literati and designers.

Dazzle Fashion’s fall / winter collection borrows from the rich colors of Dunhuang Buddhist cave murals and adapts famous designs from the murals – Buddha’s hands, nine-color deer, wild geese chewing on flowers, and three rabbits – on T- shirts and sweaters by printing, embroidery and beading techniques.

The parade held at the Bund in Shanghai was an art gala in itself, showcased by contemporary brushes in painting “No. 322 Cave” by artist Yue Minjun, and culminating in the composer and conductor ‘s Symphony. Tan Dun orchestra inspired by Dunhuang, especially the cave temple. murals.

In addition, the collection launched a special edition of 800 limited T-shirts, the proceeds of which will be donated to the restoration and protection of Dunhuang’s cultural relics.

Dazzling fashion lines, watches for lovers and trendy luggage

Ti Gong

Chinese Valentine’s Day Collection


Swatch launched a Chinese collection for Valentine’s Day 2021 to mark the feast of love and sweetness. It includes two watches called Cloud Sea and Sweetheart Bird, inspired by the Chinese fairy tale “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”.

Presented in a striking black and gold theme, Cloud Sea echoes the subtle luxury of the fashion world, with accents that add to its opulence. It is accompanied by the classic 41 mm diameter dial of the New Gent series.

In addition, this watch head is made of bioceramic material, which not only increases its abrasion resistance but also highlights its special characteristics. The watch evokes an elegant and determined temperament.

In contrast, Sweetheart Bird embodies timeless grace in pink and silver. The design represents the interstellar themes of the original fairy tale, with silver depicting the moon and stars to reiterate the purity and eternity of love. Likewise, the head of the watch is made of bioceramic material and features the delicate 34mm diameter dial from the Gent collection for a lighter touch of elegance on the wrist.

Every detail of the pair has been carefully crafted to represent Chinese Valentine’s Day, right down to the elements on the straps. The sea of ​​clouds is engraved with clouds in the style of ancient Chinese paintings, known as auspicious symbols. The Sweetheart Bird incorporates the magpie, symbolizing luck.

Presented in special packaging, the couplet brings together the sea of ​​clouds and the magpie to beautifully tell the story of the herdsman and the weaver.

The verse from the Chinese Valentine’s Day collection will be on sale at Swatch stores, Tmall, JD.com, WeChat mini-programs and other official platforms.

Dazzling fashion lines, watches for lovers and trendy luggage

Ti Gong

K Krizia Fall / Winter 2021 collection

K Krizia

Italian fashion brand K Krizia’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection explores the world of the winter sea, inviting people to take a journey through experimentation and revisited iconic elements.

It starts with the reinterpretation of the panther, the brand’s emblematic animal, which has become geometric and all-over printed, with an origami effect or inserted in multicolored mesh, where it is associated with optical patterns. Animalier is revisited in technical fabrics coupled with maxi trenches and vests with raw finishes.

There is still a strong emphasis on the masculine world in shapes and fabrics, such as that used for down jackets and jackets which maintain their oversized proportions over the shoulders until they tighten to better define the figure.

The pleated, another iconic element, fits on jackets and miniskirts with a new crumpled-effect pleat. Excerpts from the books that tell the story of Krizia come to life on cottons and silks, creating landscapes animated by panthers.

The color palette is rich. Starting from warm neutral tones, it lights up with colors such as blue or pink, then returns through shades of gray, to dominant blacks.

Dazzling fashion lines, watches for lovers and trendy luggage

Ti Gong

Crash Baggage creates a surface with bumps typical of a used product.

Luggage crash

Fashionable Italian luggage brand Crash Baggage has recently entered the Chinese market. Showcasing the crushed appearance that creates a surface with bumps typical of a used product, Crash Baggage develops its own aesthetic style and fashion trend. Most importantly, it shows a fully relaxed attitude to life that represents self-irony, positive thinking, independence, and originality.

The idea for the first Crash suitcase came from the founder of the brand Francesco Pavia. While at the airport, he was amazed to see people spending time and money protecting their luggage. “How can someone really enjoy their trip if they worry upfront about coming home with a damaged suitcase?” he wondered.

Luggage is designed to protect its contents, not itself, he thought. The creative spirit returned to his workshop, grabbed a hammer and created the first prototype of Crash Baggage: a suitcase for those who wanted to enjoy worry-free travel the world.

He created the brand in 2013. Despite the rugged look, the luggage has adopted and uses the latest materials and technical solutions, with locking systems and different sizes aligned with international transport rules. In 2015, she launched the transparent Share collection for travelers with nothing to hide.

The brand cries out loud and clear with a free spirit – travel with maximum ease, without worry and without restraint or inhibition to preserve the perfect aesthetics of the luggage. They are now available on Tmall.


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