Delhi Art Week 2022


Bringing together over 33 galleries from four zones, with well-curated sections, the second edition of Delhi Art Week (August 24-31) will celebrate the city’s creative spirit as it straddles avant-garde art closely related that is born from rich perspectives and unique odysseys.

The DAW Pyramid

Founded in 2021 as a non-profit enterprise by three prominent gallerists Reena Lath, Tariq Allana and Sunaina Anand, DAW was born out of the need to come together as a community and offer a unique contemporary perspective on art. history of modern and contemporary Indian art, from collecting contemporary art to important masterpieces by emerging and established masters.

“It was born out of a need to come together and present exhibitions within the framework of our own workspaces,” says Tariq Ali, of the famous and historic Art Heritage gallery in Triveni Kala Sangam. “We felt we could create a collective that encouraged and engaged with art lovers like in Mumbai,” adds Sunaina Anand, known worldwide for the latest art tome of the 20th and 21st centuries published by Thames and Hudson for Art Alive.

“Interestingly, India has risen through the ranks of South Asian capital gains and is now one of the largest growing economies in the world and according to DAW’s OVR partner Artsy “India accounts for 75% of our traffic in South Asia? That means there is a high demand for this quality of art,” quotes Reena Lath who has created Indian modern and contemporary art cameos these recent years, with particular emphasis on abstract art and Bengal modernists.

Diversity and expansion

The 2022 edition of the fair will showcase 33 of the most prominent galleries in the city of Delhi. With a tight itinerary of elegant and contemporary environments, the common denominator will be curatorial ideas and the diversity of materials.

Artists belonging to various parts of India and abroad –

Award-winning sculptor Harsha Durugadda, who presented a paper on Buddhism at the British Museum in London last year, has a pair of his minimalist wooden sculptures at Art Centrix curated by Monica Jain. the Parisians Sakti Burman and Maite Delteil, currently living in India, feature in Art Alive’s moving bouquet. Chennai-based Cholamandal artist C Douglas in Akar Prakar creates a mosaic of figurative prisms of the human condition with its diversity of materials and optical labyrinths.

Materials and mediums

“The 2022 edition of DAW promises to be large and diverse, so audiences and collectors can experience world-class works of art within the gallery setting as they come together to explore multiple concepts and experiment. of materials,” says Tariq Allana.

In the exploration of multiple concepts, Three Voices by Gallery Espace is an ode to Mahatma Gandhi. Two young curators make their DAW debuts, Gallerie Nvya unveils promising young curator Shristi Sainani at Square One Saket, while Art Motif announces the first curatorial debut of international origami artist Ankon Mitra who brings together a mix world of 24 artists working in pairs in an eclectic environment. mix of paper duos; a cutting-edge interpretation of famous paper practitioners from around the world.

Stretched over a week of celebration, the second edition will be a hybrid event, which adds a distinctive new element to the week – in physical programming in the galleries’ own spaces.

Additionally, DAW 2022 will also be live on the internationally recognized platform, Artsy. “This virtual presence of the week will offer a global audience a sense of the rich diversity of contemporary and modern Indian art available in the capital,” said Reena Lath. DAW exhibits will be virtually viewable on Artsy until the 14the September 2022.

(Delhi Art Week 2022 starts on August 24 and continues till August 31, 2022 physically and virtually on Artsy it continues until August 14e September 2022.)



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