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Pei Haozheng educates Christoph Reinhardt (left) and Stephen Brady on the intricacies of origami. Reinhardt is the great-grandson of German businessman John Rabe, often described as the Chinese Oskar Schindler. Brady is a relative of American physician Richard Freeman Brady, who helped set up a zone of protection during the Nanjing Massacre in 1937.[Photo provided to China Daily]

The origami master is promoting the art form to a growing audience, Wang Qian reports.

A single sheet of paper, in the eyes of origami artist Pei Haozheng, has endless possibilities. It can be folded into anything from everyday items to mythical creatures, with the imagination being the only limit.

“The charm of origami lies in its creativity, from a simple square paper to simple folding without cuts or glue”, explains the young woman of 25 years.

He has made hundreds of lifelike models – mostly his original designs instead of copies of drawings by other artists – and won the International Origami Internet Olympiad in 2017, combining the simplicity of art with Chinese cultural ideas. For the final task of the event, Pei folded an ancient Chinese woman holding a mirror from a sheet of paper xuanzhi (rice paper), which impressed the judges with its exquisite shape and oriental style.

Launched by Russian origami master Andrey Ermakov in 2011, the event is considered by many artists around the world as the ultimate challenge to prove their origami skills. In 2018, Pei was invited to be the task designer for the event. His work Bailuyuan (“White Deer Plain”) was chosen as the logo and mascot for the edition.


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