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CHENNAI: Crochet, knitting, pottery – the crafts have found plenty of takers during the pandemic lockdowns. And there have been countless online content creators waiting to empower them and help them better. One such designer is T Keerthana from Erode, whose YouTube channel KnitKnot Crafts has detailed tutorials for the amateur crafter.

Keerthana’s love for them started early in her life, thanks to her mother and aunt. “My mother made me my first woolen scarf and sweater. And I had a crochet needle with me all through my school years when I was doing woolen crafts,” recalls the professional software engineer. She continued to learn crochet through YouTube tutorials.

Continuing the trend and to share her knowledge of various crafts, she created her YouTube channel in 2019, taking a different direction from her husband’s initial suggestion of a cooking channel.

“The purpose of the channel was to let people know about different crafts and how to do them in an easy way. We try to cover as many DIY ideas as possible and most importantly find easier ways to do it. .I like to simplify things for myself and, therefore, I wanted the same for others,” she explains.

Koodai craze

The channel may have started with a combination of crochet, origami, and cross-stitch content, but it slowly moved into exploring various types of koodai weaving within a few months. “I learned how to make koodai yarn from my aunt during my childhood, and my mother guided me further. Compared to the craft videos in our channel, the koodai yarn videos got more reception. The period of locking has proven to be more helpful for views since many have tried new things through YouTube videos,” she observes.

You can find a comprehensive list of koodai techniques – cookie knot kuchi, handful of murukku, dots sivan kannu lunch koodai, poosanikai/tube koodai, heart pattern yarn koodai etc. – with more to come in the future. There’s something basic for newcomers, as well as creative for those looking to develop their skills.

“There are two main categories of wire bags. First, the wire patterns, where we tend to use the wire from the continuous bundles, and second, the cross cut pattern, where the wires are initially cut and no extra yarn is needed.with the yarn,we can use other properties like tubes,beads,ribbons and so on,and offer different patterns.Also,we could use the knots and patterns even with other materials like bamboo baskets, fish wire, etc.” she mentions.

The videos are in real time and explain the process slowly, making them easily understandable. Among the tutorials, there are also videos of customer success stories, with photos of koodai made by them.

While some believe that koodai weaving is a dying art, Keerthana argues that it is in fact very present through small businesses in Tamil Nadu, by those who wish to earn a living from home. And for good reason, the koodai is more durable and a great alternative for tasks like grocery shopping because it holds its shape, she adds.

Despite growing traction on koodai videos, Keerthana is eager to focus on a crafting umbrella. “In the future, the plan is to cover tutorials on other crafts like knitting, crocheting, kolam designs, koodai, using other materials, origami, arts, etc. We would also like to improvise by making short videos for the tutorial.In addition, I would like to build a platform from which customers can purchase arts and crafts supplies, and buy and sell products. finished crafts,” she exclaims.

The ways of the web

The Internet is always the subject of a debate of pros and cons. And while one can argue for the latter, they cannot deny its importance when it comes to the dissemination of information. Keerthana also saw the benefits of the internet as a content creator.

Along with her content, she has also started a WhatsApp business through which people can buy her koodai. “Internet is a growing platform for selling products. I heard from our followers that they sell koodai in their relative circles through Whatsapp and other online portals,” she concludes.

To buy koodais, WhatsApp at 9080684510


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