Every Mario game on Nintendo Switch ranked worst to best


At first glance, “Dr. Mario” sounds like a poor attempt to recreate the success that “Tetris” enjoyed, but it produced a creative and thoughtful puzzle system that feels new today. Cradling his coat, his head mirror and his doctorate (one way or another), Mario launches capsules on viruses to take the steps. The addictive gameplay loop becomes more complex as color placements and combos are essential to clear later levels.

Rather than being given blank grids to create unique creations like in “Tetris”, “Dr. Mario” instead produces predefined viruses to destroy. While this rule appears to be a restriction forcing players to limit their play, unpredictable grids allow players to improvise and achieve endlessly.

Fans like Derek from Classic Game Room have commented on how addicting the resulting gameplay loop can be in “Dr. Mario”. An underrated aspect of Mario’s foray into the puzzle genre is the music, as the “Fever” and “Chill” themes are hypnotic tracks that increase the addictive nature of the game while incorporating a medicinal motif into their titles. .

As Game Revolution noted, future sequels like “Dr. Luigi” have a bit more to offer players, including a new L-shaped capsule and a variety of modes that increase replayability, but original simplicity. from “Dr. Mario has aged gracefully on the Switch.

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