Excitement, nerves and hope found at MHS on New Muskie Day | Local


Antonio Foye said he wonders how he would like his new teachers and if he would be able to find his new classes.

“I am looking forward to playing football here,” he said. “And I hope I don’t catch the virus.”

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Keith Lloyd, who plans to play basketball, is “quite nervous” but is eager to make new friends.

Lloyd also said he was concerned about possible virtual learning – something he had struggled with before.

“These four years are so important, so hopefully we can experience it here,” said Lloyd. “But I hope we all have fun and can stay focused on the task and do our homework.”

When asked what they think of the new school year, Jo Hooker said they think everything will be fine. They were excited about the many after-school programs offered by the high school, such as Color Guard, Art and other possible clubs.

“I can’t wait to see if they have an origami club here,” Hooker said, adding that if an origami club didn’t exist yet, they might try to start one.

Zoey Marleryoung was not only entering MHS for the first time, but also the school district for the first time after leaving Iowa City.

“It’s scary and embarrassing, and I’m a little shaky,” she said. “I had a bad time at my old school, but I’ve heard that (this school) is better, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I am excited to talk to people because I have heard that a lot of people here are better than other communities and schools.


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