Explore magical sites on the Stourhead Christmas Trail


There is still time to experience the magic of Christmas with the special illuminated Stourhead Trail.

Christmas at Stourhead, which opened last month, is open until January 2, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, providing plenty of opportunities to visit during the holiday season or the new year.

Matthew Findlay, UK Trails Manager for Raymond Gubbay, said: “The beautifully designed facilities are interwoven with the garden landscape to create a magical and memorable experience for all ages.

There are strings of neon lights strung between towering trees, a walk through a tunnel of hearts and over larger-than-life mistletoe, a flotilla of brightly colored party boats floating on the lake and giant flora in changing colors.

The Christmas Cathedral on the trail is 24m of light and there are 150 candles lighting up the Fire Garden as well as over 100 3D printed birds featured in Bird in the Hand.

The special trail also features 12 illuminated Pitaya trees from France and over 200 Origami-style boats are featured in Voyage.

Visitors to the National Trust site can also sample a variety of food and drink.

There is a range of independent street food vendors serving up festive treats.

Christmas in Stourhead is brought to you by Sony Music in partnership with the National Trust. The trail is created by Culture Creative.

It is designed for visitors of all ages and is accessible to anyone to enjoy.

To book tickets visit: ChristmasatStourhead.co.uk

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