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Milan (AP) – The Italian fashion hub is relaunched with the sounds of buyers and editors filling the venue for socially distant Fashion Week, a sign of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

Milan Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday with 42 live shows and 56 face-to-face presentations. It is the largest since the pandemic that hit Italy 19 months ago, and it is exploited during Fashion Week. With the addition of the digital presence, 146 brands are mainly participating in the 6-day preview of women’s fashion.

The recently renovated Lina Sente, Milan’s largest store, is also showing signs of recovery. Here, foreigners are spending six times as much as when revenues fell by around 70% in 2020.

A clear sign that Italy continues to be loved by Chinese consumers, exports to Italy nearly doubled during the pandemic, starting at € 3.2 billion ahead of the pandemic, according to the National Fashion Chamber of Commerce Italian. It is around 6 billion euros. Take home at least some of what they would have spent on a trip abroad to Italy.

Highlights of the first day of Fashion Week:

In the 1970s, Creative Director of Women’s Fashion Kim Jones’ second collection echoed the Fendi runway with modern silhouettes in prints, patterns and colors.

He’s gorgeous as a pop star, with a large intarsia fur coat and knee-high boots paired with a miniskirt and sheepskin lined shorts. The day gram was paired with a cropped candy pink satin jacket and wide leg pants.

More modestly, the silky pantsuit was trailing a cape that was dramatically transparent. The kaftan was adorned with a chocolate swirl, which was actually a hand-drawn Fendi logo that Jones found in the archives. Hana no Ko Lun’s angel wings flowed into the sunny, strapless diagonal striped evening gown. The structured architectural jacket reveals sensuality. In contrast, the pants were fluid.

Jones wants the atmosphere of the latest Studio 54 from the mid-disco era, given both the legacy of his famous predecessor, the late Karl Lagerfeld, and the time he first enlarged it. . Noted.

“Our lady has relaxed a little, she goes out and gets dressed. We’ve all been trapped for a long time, so I think that’s what we all need now. “Masu” Kim called Fendi “multigenerational for women of all kinds …”.

The white monochrome was accented with pastel, hot pink and purple, subdued gold and finally black, accented with light sequins. The hair was coiled or curled into a tight bun, probably accented with a golden heart-shaped hair clip, and folded slightly like a butterfly’s wing.

This season’s bag wrapped around the shoulders and cuffs, and Fendi featured embossed gold lettering on the underside. Big buyers featured images of two women, one black and one white, like the 1970s album cover.


German designer Daniel del Koa brought dramatic flair to a haute couture-inspired collection inspired by a trip to the Costa Rican rainforest.

The collection would follow the trail of mirrors, where the model creates an entrance in a cloudy haze against an azure background, and then the designer said it was meant to suggest a tilting skyscraper. I projected the aura of another world.

“It’s about nature, color and a very exotic explosion,” Delcoa said of his second collection of eponymous brands. For him, the model is a nymph coming out of the water with wet skin. They projected tranquility.

The sheer off-the-shoulder cocktail mini dress, worn with pale pink thigh-high boots, had cute pleated details that gave it subtle movement. The longer version featured a layer of diagonal ruffles, some unfinished and sustained, and wore chunky, flesh-colored boots with sculptural heels. Satiny’s pants were worn with the modernist bustier.

The drama swelled with more high fashion pieces, including large headdresses, large origami orchid dresses sticking out of the neckline, and sleeves dragged into the floor. Some of the jobs were very complex and took hundreds of hours, Delkoa said.

Former Gucci events coordinator Derukoa launched his own line in February last year after a productive and imaginative pandemic stalled.

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