Ford Statement on California’s Electric Vehicle Craze (TAC Edition)


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Editor’s note: Don’t attribute this article title to Ford, they must mistakenly believe that surrender is a “must do”. How can the leaders not extrapolate exactly what is going on and tell the bureaucrats in Sacramento to hustle it. If they just wait a bit until the rational population rises up and kicks out the traitors. Someone has to lead the manufacturers’ resistance to this madness, Henry Ford would rightly ask where his progeny’s bravery went as Ford joins fellow automaker executives in leaping like lemmings off the cliff. Leaders who kill their companies and the value of their shareholders.

On Aug. 25, the California Air Resources Board is expected to vote on the Advanced Clean Cars II proposal to rapidly reduce emissions from passenger cars, trucks, and light SUVs beginning in model year 2026 through 2035. According to the news guidelines, by 2035 all new passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs sold in California will be zero-emissions. Ford Chief Sustainability Officer Bob Holycross released the following statement in response to the proposed settlement:

“At Ford, addressing climate change is a strategic priority, and we are proud of our partnership with California for tougher vehicle emissions standards, forged at a time when climate action was under attack. Commit to building a zero-emission transportation future that includes everyone, supported by our own investments of more than $50 billion by 2026 in electric vehicles and batteries The CARB Advanced Clean Cars Rule II is a standard history that will define clean transportation and set an example in the U.S. Bob Holycross, Ford Sustainability Director

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