Forgotten PS4 games that have awesome coverage


Video game developers need to create intriguing covers to stand out among the library of games available, whether in a physical store or the digital PlayStation store. Whether the game is actually good or just not so good is another matter altogether. The first step to getting a game into the hands of gamers is the cover art.

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Although these games had different reasons why they were forgotten by fans, they share one common trait: an eye-catching cover that made gamers want to try these games.


7 The Technomancer

The Technomancer is an action-RPG developed by Spiders in 2016 set in the same universe as March: War Diaries. Set on Mars during the Water Wars, players take on the role of Zachariah, an amateur technomancer on the run from the secret police as he attempts to make contact with Earth.

Although it has an interesting premise with characters that can combine magic and technology, The Technomancer received unfavorable reviews due to technical issues, storytelling, and seemingly random difficulty settings.

The cover almost makes up for it by looking absolutely cool. It shows a hooded and armored technomancer with a gun in one hand and electricity in the other against the backdrop of Mars.

6 Valley

Valley is a first-person action exploration game developed by Blue Isle Studios and released in 2016. An interesting feature of the game is that whenever the player dies, the surrounding valley also dies; additionally, if all the trees die, the player cannot respawn. However, the gameplay left much to be desired as reviewers cited its lack of challenge, large open world with linear gameplay, short runtime, and poor level planning as reasons for skipping this game.

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But the cover art is as beautiful as the valley the game is set in, and it intrigues a potential player browsing the digital store. What is this guy wearing? What are those little plant things with faces? What awaits us? Any cover that makes a player wonder what to expect is effective cover.

5 black mirror

black mirror was developed by KING Art Games in 2017 and served as a reboot of the old-school style point-and-click series, The black mirror. Released for consoles, the game featured the same characters but with a more modern gameplay style. Players follow Devin Gordon as he investigates the death of his father in a haunted castle in the 1920s. While the game has been praised for its story and art, critics and gamers have cited its short length, its technical issues and long loading times as flaws of this version.

The stunning cover shows Devin kneeling and reaching out to an outstretched hand below. The crows are flying against the backdrop of the spooky castle which sets the eerie tone of the game. It’s pretty cool.

4 Remothered: broken porcelain

Stormind Games’ Remothered: broken porcelain served as both a prequel and sequel to the critically acclaimed film Remothered: Tormented fathers. The 2020 version was met with scathing reviews as critics ironed out its serious technical issues, in stark contrast to its predecessor. The survival horror game follows orphan Jennifer as she tries to escape from Ashmann Inn and its Stalkers.

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Although Stormind Games released updates to address its many issues, at least they got the coverage right the first time. It featured a portrait of Jennifer buried in a cracked snow globe. The bright white center is a striking color against the dark background and effectively attracts people’s attention.

3 Ghostbusters (2016)

While games based on movies have a chance to succeed, FireForge Games’ ghost hunters not. The 2016 film it was based on featured four fun actresses in an all-female ghostbusting team. on. The game was met with strong negative reviews.

At least the cover looks good with its giant ghost hunters logo and a strange alley in New York. The light shining through the silhouetted character’s proton packs looks cool.

2 Tearaway unfolded

Tearaway unfoldeddeveloped by Media Molecule in 2015, was an updated remake of the PlayStation Vita platform game To tear out. Players take control of Iota or Atoi, little origami characters who must traverse a storybook world and deliver a message that they carry inside their cute little shell heads. While the game and its predecessor were a critical success, Tearaway unfolded was considered a huge commercial failure.

The cover features the same 2D-style graphics that the gameplay uses and shows Aoti riding an envelope. the To tear out the logo between two torn pages is just perfect.

1 The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game developed by Croteam and released in 2014. The game received critical acclaim for its challenging puzzles and challenging narrative. Players take on the role of a robot with human consciousness as they attempt to solve over 120 puzzles. While Croteam announced they were developing a sequel back in 2016, it’s been a few years and players haven’t seen it yet.

The cover may be the best ever. Robot. Kitten. Hit.

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