Franklin County beach is becoming an eyesore for trash, officials say


Carbody Beach Waste (FCSO)

Carbody Beach Waste (FCSO)

It’s a popular recreation area, but now officials say it’s increasingly overrun with rubbish

Carbody Beach is becoming an eyesore, says Franklin County Sheriff

On Thursday, Sheriff Jim Raymond, via Facebook and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department press release, is urging (and scolding!) area residents to stop using this popular beach as a dumping ground.

Cash register waste (FCSO)

Cash register waste (FCSO)

Carbody is about two miles north of Battelle Labs (PNNL) on the Columbia River on the Pasco shore.

Location of Carbody Beach (Google maps)

Location of Carbody Beach (Google maps)

Over the years it has seen its share of problems, a few years ago Franklin County banned target shooting after a landslide washed away part of Columbia River Road creating a new hill in which people would shoot. Fly balls were not considered safe.

Now it’s a garbage problem, according to FCSO:

“The Carbody Beach area is turning into an absolute dumping ground. This is very disgusting and unacceptable behavior. This is an area that is often enjoyed by families and now has broken glass and trash everywhere It’s very heartbreaking to see this area become completely trashed out of sheer laziness. Pick up your trash! If we catch you littering, don’t expect any warning.

Not only have recreational goers left their trash, but there is growing evidence that citizens are throwing away larger amounts of household trash, pickup-size loads.

Under WA’s revised code, litter fees can range from $103 to $5,000, depending on the size of the infraction.

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