G-Eazy Fan Review “These Things Happen Too”: Rapper’s Album Cures Depression


G-Eazy, who first announced his fourth studio album “These Things Happen Too” on September 8 on Instagram and Twitter respectively, finally dropped his latest project on Friday September 24. The Bay Area rapper’s new record is the sequel to his debut album. ‘These Things Happen’ which was released seven years ago, that is to say in 2014.

Before releasing his brand new full-length project, hitmaker ‘Beautiful & Damned’ hosted an album release party in Los Angeles that was free to everyone. The 32-year-old hip-hop artist also shared the album’s official tracklist which revealed that artists like Demi Lovato, Lil Wayne, E-40 and YG, among others, will be featured on “These Things Happen Too” . G-Eazy’s track with Demi titled “Breakdown” was released on September 17th to promote the new album. Social media users, who had been eagerly awaiting the album, quickly took to Twitter to share their valuable reviews.

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G-Eazy attends the GQ Sports Dinner hosted by DeAndre Hopkins at Brickell City Center on January 31, 2020 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Joe Scarnici / Getty Images)

G-Eazy drops “Thes Things Happen” sequel

The Californian rapper had shared the cover of his ambitious project on Instagram. The cover art features the rapper’s left profile with a close-up of him watching a light fall on him. G-Eazy first mentioned the idea of ​​a sequel to his 2014 album in 2019 when talking to his alma mater. The rapper also took to Twitter a few hours before the release of his new record where he shared how motivated he was for his latest project. “I can’t believe it’s almost there… f ** k I’m too juicy.”

G-Eazy recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly where he explained why he decided to release the sequel to his debut album at that time. “For me, the album represents a looping journey. Leaving with all this ambition on the first as a wide-eyed kid who wanted the world, wanted the universe, wanted to travel, wanted to transcend, wanted to go beyond, and then experience it all, ”Ezy said.

He added: “Bringing my music everywhere and making so many dreams come true, but thinking a little bit about the trip as a whole, as well as the impact it had on me for better or for worse, at most. high of highs to low of lows, to the adversity you face as you move forward on this journey. ”

G-Eazy attends the Klutch Sports Group All-Star Dinner presented by PATRÓN Tequila at Swift & Sons on February 15, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo by Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images)

List of tracks

“These Things Happen Too” is stacked with 19 songs. You can listen to his full album here.

1. “These things also happen”
2. The “When you’re gone” feat. Lil wayne
3. Exploit “Instructions”. YG
4. “Christoph’s interlude”
5. “I want to be myself”
6. The “Everything is everything” feat. Good grace
7. “Origami”
8. “Solar eclipse”
9. “Me, me and myself”
10. The “Now and Later” feat. E-40, Daboii and Shootergang Kony
11. “Speed”
12. The ‘Breakdown’ exploit. Demi Lovato
13. The ‘Faithful’ feat. Marc E. Bassy
14. The ‘Wicked Game’ exploit. Devon baldwin
15. “Bad bad news! “
16. The ‘No More’ exploit. Ty Dolla $ ign
17. ‘Running Wild (Tumblr Girls 2)’ feat. Kossisko
18. ‘Time’
19. “Gerald”

“Such a great f ** king album”, says Twitter

Hip-hop fans took to Twitter as soon as G-Eazy’s new album hit streaming platforms. One fan posted: “Love the album, love hearing the old but the new g.” While another shared, “Such a great f ** king album.” One user posted: “@G_Eazy just released an album I’ve been waiting for! #TheseThingsHappenToo is absolutely amazing! Physical release soon? ”

The next one added: “I got chills listening to every song on the album.” Meanwhile, one of them stepped in and tweeted, “@G_Eazy U has cured my depression. This album is everything !!!!!!! ” One person said: “G Eazy’s album is going crazy, I don’t know, it needs more respect. this A1 production too. One user shared, “Tears are falling tonight man it’s so surreal I’m so proud of you and all the time + dedication you took with this album.” And, another concluded, “Can we just talk about how @G_Eazy’s new album is literally a 10/10 ?????”

G-Eazy attends the Warner Bros. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” premiere at Regal LA Live on July 12, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

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