Girl Scouts adds 28 badges that reflect a changing world and girls’ evolving interests



Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines and Girl Scouts of the USA have introduced 28 new badges for Scouts to earn that connect math and nature and build business and digital leadership skills.

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RALEIGH – Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines and Girl Scouts of the USA added 28 badges focused on entrepreneurship, math by nature and digital leadership focused on nurturing girls.

Amid seismic changes in technology and culture brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Girl Scouts can now earn new badges – in addition to the hundreds of existing badges – that meet girls’ evolving interests in a way that resonates. with them. The badges also address some of the top concerns parents have for their children as they navigate the increasingly digital world, helping girls develop an entrepreneurial spirit towards technology, learn STEM skills while exploring the world of technology. nature and build trust and safe online practices.

New Girl Scout badges include:

Mathematics in Nature (K-5 years)

Despite the increase in distance learning, not all learning happens indoors, according to an organization statement. This badge allows girls to explore and conserve the natural world while learning math concepts. Activities include discovering shapes and patterns in natural objects, learning about symmetry and tessellation, and mastering theories of time and measure. Girl Scouts then use this background to design nectar feeders, trail maps, and other outdoor and essential tools.

“Girls often get the message that STEM is not for them, but they are especially interested in STEM concepts when it is related to things that girls enjoy, like time spent outdoors,” reads. we partly.

The badge is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Cookie Business (levels K-12)

With companies changing their models and relying even more on technology, girls can learn to think beyond the storefront. The new Cookie Business badges help girls think like entrepreneurs when running their own cookie business and integrating online sales through the Smart Cookies platform. Badges range from setting goals and making an effective in-person and online sales pitch to using market research, creating business plans, and implementing marketing campaigns. digital. In light of the trend of consumers to buy more online, including on the Smart Cookies platform, girls now have even more opportunities to experience digital selling and marketing.

Digital leadership (K-12 levels)

“Digital wellness isn’t just a buzzword, it’s here to stay. Girl Scouts explore what a leader is, both online and in their everyday lives, ”the statement continued. “They learn how to be responsible and safe online, and cover topics such as managing your online well-being, how to balance your time online and offline, and how to deal with issues such as misinformation, pitfalls. to clicks and bias in advertising. .

“Girl Scouts discover how people use technology to connect and lead, then use those skills to make impact and become digital activists themselves. While internet safety and well-being has been a top concern for parents since the pandemic, many girls are already digital leaders who use technology to connect with others on social issues and causes that matter to them. to heart. “

These “cutting edge badges” are designed to support and motivate girls as they navigate the digital world.

The Digital Leadership badge is sponsored by Instagram.

“Girl Scouts help girls navigate our changing world and build the future they want to see,” said Judith Batty, Interim CEO of GSUSA. “With our new badge experiences, girls can preserve the natural world, run their own small businesses, create digital content that inspires others, and fight online bullying. Girl Scouts have been a source of connection, support and joy for girls throughout the pandemic, and tackle current issues that girls, parents and caregivers care about. “

And through Girl Scouts at Home, GSUSA has made free self-guided activities available to the public from a selection of new and existing programs. Members can also access a variety of Girl Scout programs online through the Volunteer Toolkit, including troop reunion plans, volunteer tips, and other resources to help girls earn badges. and rewards.

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