Google shares video on how to make an origami mascot on Android


Everyone is looking for indoor activities in the current situation, and Google has one in the form of a video tutorial on how to make an origami Android mascot.

The Android developers’ Twitter account kicked off the New Year this morning by sharing a foldable Android origami tutorial on YouTube.

Take some paper and fold it while we create an origami with the Android logo. We hope you enjoy this fun craft created by software engineer Lisa Nguyen Quang Do and designed by Vice President of Engineering Seang Chau.

The video is over 11 minutes long and the end result is a fairly complex replica of the Android mascot in origami paper form. It obviously can’t be a perfectly curved top, but it’s pretty close with seven sides forming the arc. The antennae are quite prominent, appearing one layer behind for some depth, while the best detail is the eyes which use the white underside of the green paper.

In addition to the origami folding video, PDF Instructions for the Android mascot are fortunately available. There are 30 steps to follow – literally -, each with a corresponding description and illustration. A handy caption is also provided at the top which explains the different folds and the concept of pinching.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart – maybe try simpler creations first, but the end result is excellent and comparable to any plastic figure.

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