Happy Teachers’ Day 2021: A Sneak Peek of India’s YouTube Teachers Helping Thousands of Students


Happy Teachers’ Day 2021: A Sneak Peek of India’s YouTube Teachers Helping Thousands of Students | Photo credit: iStock images


  • Several Indians use YouTube to learn more about various topics.
  • Teachers Day 2021, we share a few YouTube channels that aim to decode complex things and teach them in a simplified way for the masses.
  • Here is a list of channels that teach cooking, art, driving, video editing and more.

Happy Teachers Day 2021 to all the amazing teachers who work with passion and aim to create change! Teaching today, however, is not just limited to classroom instruction. Time and time again, teachers have used multiple platforms to share their knowledge. YouTube is one of those platforms. We’ll take a look at the YouTube teachers from India who are helping thousands of Indians learn more, every day.

YouTube, an American online video platform owned by Google, is one of India’s most famous social media platforms. Since its launch in 2008 in India, the platform has experienced a constantly growing audience rate. Currently, over 250 million Indians use YouTube. The platform is not only used for sharing songs, but it has become a knowledge hub where several Indians flock every day to learn more. By simplifying complex problems, several teachers use the platform to teach yoga, dance, several entrepreneurial skills such as agriculture, photography. YouTube is also used to teach academic subjects such as math, history, English, and others. Let’s take a look at some of the creators who create diverse content and share their knowledge.

Happy Teachers’ Day 2021: A preview of YouTube Teachers of India

  1. Ani: Ani is an aspiring filmmaker who teaches how to edit and shoot videos. Ani teaches video editing and archiving in Hindi and English. It teaches how to edit videos both on phones and software like Premier Pro. Take a look at Ani’s chain, AniThing to learn more about video editing and filming.
  2. Kanchan Kesari: A businesswoman by profession, Kesari runs a channel where she teaches Hindi to English. She aims to teach conversational English to her viewers. Channeled sound named Login in English also has occasional appearances from family members.
  3. Mahak Kapoor: It is the first automobile chain in India run by a creative woman. his garage by Kapoor provides interesting facts about automobiles, gives reviews about bicycles.
  4. Sohan Dey: Dey’s chain gives quick advice to manage MS Word, MS Exel, MS Office. Gyan on Tube provides great tips for computer beginners.
  5. Amit Malviya: the chain of Malviya, gives a simplified view of parking, shifting, driving downhill. You hesitate to change gears? Take a look at Sense of driving to clarify more.
  6. Ummer Sabu: Engineer turned food vlogger Sabu, teachers of Malayali dishes less known to everyone. Sabu Food Hunter is aware of the busy schedule in everyone’s life. So, it shows one minute videos with easy to make recipes.
  7. Arun Johns: the chain of Arun, Magic folds, aims to teach origami. Origami is an art where each fold of paper leads to a new creation. So, Arun, calls it Magic. With his videos, he aims to bring out the artist in everyone.

Happy Teachers Day! Here’s to all of those teachers who continue to inspire us and help us learn more. We hope you take a look at the channels that intend to provide diverse content.


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