Hay unveils the renovated Hay House 2.0 during 3 Days of Design


Danish interior design brand Hay has completed the renovation and expansion of its boutique in central Copenhagen, Hay House 2.0, which has received a colorful update by the company’s in-house team and now has a showroom and an event space.

Located in an Art Nouveau building on Amagertorv in central Copenhagen, Hay House 2.0 now spans four floors in the building, which has been home to the Danish interior and household goods brand for years.

A new showroom has been created on the fourth floor

After an upstairs neighbor left, the company took over the top two floors and used them to create a showroom and event space that could also serve as a restaurant.

“We’ve been in the building business for over 10 years,” Hay co-founder Rolf Hay told Dezeen. “We started on one floor and two years ago we added another. And now we’ve added two more floors, so we basically have the whole building. “

Hay store in Copenhagen
Bright colors and tiles by Nathalie du Pasquier decorate the store space

Co-founders Mette and Rolf Hay designed the interiors of the new rooms themselves, in collaboration with Hay’s in-house design team. The brand unveiled the spaces during 3 Days of Design, Copenhagen’s annual design festival.

While the Hay store on the lower levels showcases many vibrant colors that are iconic for the brand, the new showroom, while remaining colorful, has a slightly softer color palette with a plethora of soft grays, greens and blues.

“It’s a bit more of a professional space; it’s a place where we meet architects, designers and merchants,” said Rolf Hay.

Interiors by Hay
A softer color palette was used for the upper floors

It also features notable iconic pieces, including a bright yellow sofa embroidered with dandelion blossoms, wine glasses and vodka bottles called “The Aftermath of a Garden Party” by Icelandic artist Loji Höskuldsson.

For Rolf Hay, it was important to have this kind of collaborative pieces on display in the showroom.

Office space at Hay House
Works of art decorate the walls of Hay’s new workspace

“When Hay is at his best, it’s somewhere between art, architecture and the times we live in,” he said.

“I think it has always been important for us to bring in artists,” he added. “I think it’s exciting with the right starting point. So it’s nice to work with artists on and off – also in an industrial design context.”

Event space at Hay House
Large spherical lights hang from the ceiling of the top floor of Hay House

An office space where the Hay team or clients can sit and work has also been added to the fourth floor showroom.

On the top floor, which has been transformed into an event space and hosted lunches for visitors during 3 days of design, Nelson Ball Bubble suspension clusters by Hay hang from original wooden beams that create an intricate pattern beneath. the high ceiling.

The Hay team undertook a minor renovation of this new floor.

“We stayed pretty much true to the existing character; we knocked down some walls, enlarged some door openings, and put a new floor here – which is a process when you’re on the fifth floor,” the chief architect told Dezeen. by Hay, Susanne Furbo. .

“But other than that, we didn’t make any structural changes to the building, we just looked at what we had and gave it better flow.”

A rest area at Hay House
Comfortable furniture is distributed in the event space

The event space also has a softer and paler color scheme than the store and showroom, to make it clear that you are “stepping into another world,” Furbo added.

The main storage space, which covers the two lower floors of the building, has also been updated as part of the renovation.

Among the novelties is the New Order shelving system by Stefan Diez for Hay. Painted in a new blue color, it completely fills one of the rooms.

The shelves of Stefan Diez in Hay House
Stefan Diez’s New Order shelves for Hay fill a room

Artworks from Gallery V1 in Copenhagen’s slaughterhouse district as well as geometric tiles and paintings by artist Nathalie du Pasquier now decorate the walls of all floors of Hay House.

Hay House 2.0 opened during 3 Days of Design when the brand also launched a new collection of handmade origami dolls by Clara von Zweigberk and a furniture and accessories collaboration with Muller van Severen.

Previous Hay locations to feature on Dezeen include a pop-up co-working space in an 18th-century palace and the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store in North America.

Hay House was unveiled during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events happening around the world.


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