How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money?


As Valentine’s Day approaches (the date of which, in the event of memory loss, is February 14), you wonder, like every year, how to mark this day.

Buying a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or even lingerie seems a little easy, without originality, and above all… costs money. However, you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money.

Let’s get back to basics: a special day marked by love and romance, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to please the person you love and to find yourself in love. Not necessarily to spend!

Your budget is not huge or you did not have time to prepare for this party? Or are you simply tired of all those celebrations that have become commercial but you don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day? No more worries for you.

What to do for Valentine’s Day without money?

Here are some tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, as experiences are always worth more than the market value of gifts.

Indeed, Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love, deserves much better, and better does not mean a huge expense!

The simple fact of personalizing your little attention can make the difference… Without necessarily spending more, here are some original, romantic, inexpensive or free ideas to mark this so special day! For men, for women, follow the guide!

1. A special Valentine’s Day dinner

You don’t want to spend your money shopping, you want a cheap dinner instead. To make your cheap Valentine’s dinner a success, you obviously have to start by cooking according to your partner’s tastes.

Then plan a few lights, preferably aromatic candles, as well as good music. A list of romantic songs that will remind you of the good times spent with your partner will be a real asset.

At dinner time, offer her a letter full of sweet words to remind her how much you love her. Now kiss your partner for rhythmic dance steps to music that brings you back fond memories. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to do this! It’s the intention that counts. Show him that you haven’t forgotten anything about your story and that he means a lot to you.

He or she is bound to crack! So you can save money and still passionately live your Valentine’s Day with your partner. Without breaking the bank, you can touch your partner’s heart deeply and rekindle the flame of your love.

2. A special Valentine’s Day decoration

You can do wonders and change the whole ambiance of your interior without spending any money to make it truly romantic.

You first make small origami hearts to decorate the table, then garlands that you hang on the wall. For this you will need paper, cotton string, scissors, a pencil and a ruler. You will discover on the internet the different stages of folding these hearts.

Also, why not combine the useful with the pleasant by inaugurating an original decorative painting representing the feelings you have for your loved one? So every time you look at it, it will remind you of this Valentine’s Day and the person you hold in your heart. A decorative painting will create a lasting and tangible memory in your interior.

Obviously choose a painting that evokes you shared feelings, and explain to the loved one why you chose it. Perhaps it is because it reminds you of a scene in your life together, or a particular emotion… You should not give the impression that you have just gone to buy a piece of furniture or a decorative accessory for the house!

3. Beautiful love songs

Besides the simple decoration, the menu and your special Valentine’s Day outfit, you have to choose the music. To say “I love you” to your loved one, you need songs that immerse you in your good memories as a couple. An improvisation on your part would be even more interesting. No need to be a recognized artist! So, dare, get started! You can write a personal text or just perform a beautiful song.

4. A special Valentine’s Day magic massage

A good massage is more appreciated than a gift bought to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day. You have to create a romantic atmosphere. A few candles or a soft light will suffice. Use a little massage oil and the right body moisturizer. Make sure everything takes place in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. You have a lot of massage tutorials on Youtube: even if you are not an expert, you can get away with just listening to your partner.

5. An unforgettable night of love

Perform a massage in a perfect atmosphere provided only by soft music and some lights (especially candles)…; all this after a relaxing bath with your love. You know what to do next!

6. Some accessories of the most beautiful effect

Without breaking the bank, buying a few accessories can brighten up your day on February 14.

Why not attach, for example, heart-shaped balloons to the breakfast tray that you will obviously bring to your loved one’s bed? You can also put balloons in the shape of letters that form the name of the loved one, which can be hung on the wall to decorate the apartment.

An idea can also be to have your photo or that of your couple printed on a mug or other object of your choice. And why not, even if it’s very kitsch, a few mugs… (yes, I warned you).

Finally, buying or renting (or other solutions that I will not talk about) your favorite movie can also delight your loved one, who will have the happiness of watching it in your arms on the sofa!

7. Home care

Very romantic attention is created with very little. For example, a simple trick exists with flowers and an ice cube tray. Just insert small flowers into the water in the ice cube tray, it will make original ice cubes for a cocktail for two.

With red paper, you can make an origami heart in which you write a message of love, which you will place on the bed or on the table.

8. Sometimes simplicity is more important.

So the simple act of writing a love letter can move your other half. You can also create an invitation card to dance with yourself to give to her before your romantic evening. Obviously, plan the appropriate playlist!

Likewise, you can create coupons for outings with you or massages. Getting a fake tattoo with the first name of your loved one can come as a surprise.

You can also write down activities that you would like to do with your loved one on small pieces of paper and suggest an activity where you take turns drawing these papers.

Your loved one will also be affected if you take the time to make a list of the times you enjoyed spending with them.

You can also surprise yourself by putting bath salts that perfume the bathroom or flower petals in a bath that you have run beforehand.

9. Gourmet attentions

Valentine’s Day is often marked by a romantic dinner.

There is also the opportunity to show your love with little touches. Make candy skewers with a little note like: “You are my candy!” »» Will have the most beautiful effect.

For the romantic dinner you are making, you can cut strawberries (or any other fruit) in the shape of a heart in a mug for its dessert.

Dip strawberries in chocolate for dessert or prepare a rosé cocktail will be the gourmet note of your Valentine’s Day. Finally, the simple fact of cooking his favorite dish and having him put his feet under the table can be enough to create a real nice surprise for Valentine’s Day.

More than any other day of the year, Valentine’s Day is the time to express and prove your love.

Whatever little attention you choose, it is sure to delight the one you love.

Because it is the personalization and the attention that you have paid to your choice that will provoke the emotion, and these little attentions on offer can be declined to infinity.

So don’t hesitate to innovate this February 14!

10. Proof of love and special attention

Here are some additional ideas, which by the way are not specific to Valentine’s Day, and which you can also use at any time to break the routine and surprise your partner!

The following ideas are easy to achieve.

A love letter handwritten on paper: this is really touching, and it shows that you care emotionally for your partner;


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