I’m a Pro at Organization – How to Fold a Fitted Sheet in Seconds So It Lays Flat, Even When You’re Alone


FOLDING a fitted sheet, or rather trying to fold a fitted sheet, can seem almost impossible.

Even with the help of an extra set of hands, you can often find yourself doing all types of laundry origami only to end up with a messy pile.


Instagram user Lorafied gave a quick and easy tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet so it lays flatCredit: Instagram/@lorafied

Instagram user Lorafied has an easy hack that will let your fitted sheets fit a king, or queen, or just about any size bed.

In her video, Lorafied showed her followers how to properly fold a fitted sheet.

In his tutorial, Lorafied details the simple three-step method: “Lay the sheet elastic side up. Then bend the ends to align the corners.

She concluded: “It allows you to continue to bend as you would with a normal sheet.”

Her practical solution to the common household struggle proved popular with viewers who were happy to learn the long-kept secret.

One user seemed to appreciate finally learning how to fold without hassle, writing, “Finally! I’m 75 and struggled my whole life with it. Wonderful way to fold. Never too old to learn!”

Another comment read, “Are you kidding me, I’m 47 and the best I’ve found is to roll it up into a tube shape and then smash it flat.”

“Oh my God, it’s so easy and I never thought of it! Thank you!” said another viewer.

Another user joked, “But if it’s not all balled up…how will I know it’s a fitted sheet and not the top sheet?”

One comment even called the folding method “the best hack yet!”


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