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Children say the most sacred things, don’t they? I know that sounds a bit cliché, but it’s true. Some of their things that come out of their mouths are too funny.

I have three children who all have completely different personalities. My daughter has always been incredibly smart, but always had trouble saying a few words. She would say hospital for the hospital and elephant for elephant. It was so cute. She was my little ray of sunshine and still is.

My second son has always been my most loving and sweetest child, even though he was a very concert boy he always wanted to be cuddled and held. He was leaning towards me, standing in front of me and looking up with his hands stretched up, saying: hold me. instead of asking me to hold him, he made it clear to me that he wanted to hold me. It always melted my heart.

The youngest of my children was the most imaginative and numerous of the three. He was always very cunning and witty. Sometimes I think he said things just to make me laugh. For example, he called his chicken, white steak and its pecan nut mills, fish. He also named cinnamon bread, blessed bread. And are you ready to do this, the chicken cream soup was, crazy cracker soup. He was always so fun and creative, we never got bored.

After asking the question on Facebook, What are the craziest names your kids give to everyday things?, we got some really hilarious responses. Here are twelve of the funniest names the kids of Tristate have come up with.

12 Hilarious Names Tristate Kids Have Given to Ordinary Things

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