Inexpensive and fun Easter activities to do with your children


The Easter holidays are a time for many parents to start digging into the craft box. And when the weather gets gloomy, there’s more reason than ever to find cheap and fun ways to keep little ones busy at home.

This time of year is all about bouncy bunnies, cute chicks, heaps of chocolate, decorated eggs and beautiful spring flowers. We know it’s hard to make ends meet right now, but a little is enough when it comes to pretty patterned papers and glue.

Merion Willis, Managing Editor at LoveCrafts, the online home for creators, said: “From finger puppets to origami, all you need is inspiration and a table full of colored paper to children at Easter. Create your own maps and wall decorations with stamps. and stencils, sparkles and stickers and all kinds of coloring fun.

“Keep the kids busy making Easter chicks, spoil boxes for homemade treats, paper flowers and pinwheels! Fuel those creative thoughts and give them plenty of projects to do by providing them with a good selection of materials to explore!”

So why not give your home a seasonal makeover with’s roundup of easy Easter papercrafts.

Marbled Paper Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for a super simple craft the kids can get involved in, Typically Simple’s tutorial for marbled paper Easter eggs is a sure winner. The marbled effect is achieved using shaving foam and acrylic paint, making this a great DIY project for rainy days.

Kids will enjoy how messy this brand is and you’ll love the end result. Simply spray shaving cream on a tray or box lid and have the kids spread it.

Choose different colors of paint and pour it over the shaving cream. Using a toothpick or other pointed tool like a fork or paintbrush, swipe the paint across the shaving cream, working in straight lines back and forth and up and down .

Take a cut-out paper egg and place it on top of the shaving cream. Apply light pressure to press it into the paint and shaving cream, then lift and place on newspaper, scraping up the shaving cream and letting the paint dry.

Marble Paper Easter Eggs can be made using any alternate paper

Create 3D egg decorations

Who said balls were just for Christmas? These cute patterned 3D paper eggs are the perfect addition to your home country plants, they’re so easy to make with the Fireflies and Mudpies tutorial.

Print or draw an egg pattern on the card. Cut out an egg, then trace it onto nine other pieces of patterned paper.

Cut out each egg, fold them vertically in the center with the back of the paper facing out, then glue or tape the backs of two eggs together to create a 3D effect. Secure all the eggs together like this.

Use patterned paper to create 3D egg decorations
Use patterned paper to create 3D egg decorations

Squeeze a dot of glue (or press double-sided tape) into the center of the creases at the top of the egg. Add a string for hanging.

Make a Cool Carrot Garland

This quirky garland is fun and easy and a great project for older kids who are comfortable with scissors. Learn how to make this cool carrot garland with a fabulous tutorial from Tip Junkie.

Cut orange paper or card stock into 11 x 1.5 inch strips. Cut two strips of green paper or card stock into 5 x 0.75 inch strips and one into a 5 x 5.5 inch strip.

Fold the three green strips in half to make the leaves and make a hole together. If you have them, use scalloped scissors to cut along the edge of the orange carrot strips.

Make a garland of carrots as simply as possible
Make a garland of carrots as simply as possible

Fold the carrot strip in half and secure the leaves in the fold with a staple, then pull the ends of the orange strips around and bring them together. Staple them to secure them in a carrot shape as pictured, making as many as you want.

Make a Super Cute Bunny Garland

Is there anything cuter than fluffy bunny tails? This adorable bunny tail garland from DIY Candy is an ideal choice for Easter home decor.

Print or create a bunny template – there’s one on DIY Candy that’s perfect. Cut out nine bunnies from different paper designs.

Wrap the yarn around the outside of a four-pronged fork about 40 times. If you want your pom pom to be thicker, try 50 or 60 times.

Cut an 8 inch piece of yarn and tie the yarn in the middle pin. You will tie the top and bottom together, then tie the loop as tightly as possible.

If you can't make pom poms, you can use cotton balls for bunny tails
If you can’t make pom poms, you can use cotton balls for bunny tails

Cut the two loops on each side and fluff. Tie the pom poms to the bunnies, then tie the bunnies to the wire as pictured.

Make the easiest Easter wreath

All you need is a paper plate, patterned card, ribbon and your imagination to create this Easter egg wreath by The Resourceful Mama. This makes a great rainy day project for the kids while they wait for the Easter Bunny to lay their Easter eggs.

Cut the inner part of a paper plate, leaving the outer part. Draw an Easter egg shape on patterned paper. You can find patterns online or use a cookie cutter if you have one.

An Easy Easter Egg Wreath Takes a Few Minutes and Looks Great
An Easy Easter Egg Wreath Takes a Few Minutes and Looks Great

Cut out the eggs and glue them to the back of the paper plate wreath. Add a bow on top and a loop for hanging.

If you loved these projects, has plenty of inspiration, techniques, craft supplies, and more to help you have fun this Easter — and beyond.


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